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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 17:59:03 +0200
From: Frank Dittrich <>
Subject: --list=format-details (was: Pwsafe, is our algorithm right?)

Hi Jim,

On 07/18/2012 03:22 PM, jfoug wrote:
> I really need to
> see if I can have the TS auth-detect and correct for this, now that the
> plaintextlen is in the -list=format-all-details

--list=format-all-details is intended for humans.
If you want to parse it automatically, I suggest you use

This will create a single line of output per format, fields separated by
tabs, sequence of fields exactly the same as in --list=format-all-details.
Except that --list=format-all-details lists each flag separately, while
--list=format-details lists just one hex field with all the flags.

The sequence in which the formats appear is the same as in
--list=formats, except that instead of dynamic_n all the dynamic formats
are resolved.

Future changes to the --list=format-details and
--list=format-all-details should only append new fields at the end, not
inserting new fields in the middle of existing output, so that tools
parsing the output can rely on the fact that
./john --list=format-details|cut -f 1,2,8
will always print format label, max. password length (in bytes), format
$ ./john --list=format-details |cut -f 1,2,8 |grep -i sha1
dynamic	55	dynamic_22: md5(sha1($p))
dynamic	55	dynamic_23: sha1(md5($p))
dynamic	31	dynamic_24: sha1($p.$s)
dynamic	31	dynamic_25: sha1($s.$p)
dynamic	55	dynamic_26: sha1($p) raw-sha1
dynamic	32	dynamic_35: sha1(uc($u).:.$p) (ManGOS)
dynamic	32	dynamic_36: sha1($u.:.$p) (ManGOS2)
dynamic	32	dynamic_37: sha1(lc($u).$p) (SMF)
dynamic	40	dynamic_38: sha1($s.sha1($s.sha1($p))) (Wolt3BB)
mysql-sha1	32	MySQL 4.1 double-SHA-1
nk	32	Nuked-Klan CMS SHA1 MD5
raw-sha1	55	Raw SHA-1
raw-sha1-linkedin	55	Raw SHA-1 LinkedIn
salted-sha1	39	Salted SHA-1
sha1-gen	125	Generic salted SHA-1
hmac-sha1	125	HMAC SHA-1
raw-sha1-ng	15	Raw SHA-1 (pwlen <= 15)

BTW: I hoped you would reply to my mail

Your commit
commit 61cea42f979eb07284afc099550f90ae50bb858a
Author: JimF <>
Date:   Mon Jul 9 11:56:31 2012 +0200


reverted my correction that fixed the --list=format-details output for
the salt length of dynamic formats in all three trees.

The changes of commit a96222f03eb153ae56d8480ca243e4d5d07b7a5e (patch
was attached to needs
to be re-applied to bleeding-jumbo, magnum-jumbo and 1.7.9-jumbo-6-fixes.

Once this is done, I intend to send a patch to incorporate the latest
format.h changes into a patch for bleeding, adding the 2 alignment
fields (and whatever has been added since I looked at the format.h
changes) at the end of the current output of --list=format-details and


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