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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 16:03:51 -0500
From: "jfoug" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: request for new dynamic subformats

I was able to add sha384/sha512 into dynamic in a couple of hours.  I added many new formats. I move the dyna_39 (which is sha256($s.$p)) and now call it dyna_61.

Dyna_50's are for sha224, Dyna_60's for sha256, dyna_70's for sha384 and dyna_80's for sha512.

Here are the 'currently' allocated dyna's for SHA2 crypts:

Benchmarking: dynamic_50: sha224($p) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_51: sha224($s.$p) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_52: sha224($p.$s) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_60: sha256($p) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_61: sha256($s.$p) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_62: sha256($p.$s) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_70: sha384($p) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_71: sha384($s.$p) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_72: sha384($p.$s) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_80: sha512($p) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_81: sha512($s.$p) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
Benchmarking: dynamic_82: sha512($p.$s) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE

Again, I have to 'fix' the MD5_Body part, it will be done by the time I release.  I also have all of these formats in, and also in the TS.  All tests in the TS pass just fine.

I will get this SHA2 stuff wrapped up, get the proper patches made and uploaded to git.  NOTE, these are only for magnum-jumbo, and magnum-bleeding.  These are NOT going to be put into the upcoming Jumbo-7, since it does not contain the sha2.c code.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: []
>Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 9:42 PM
>Subject: RE: [john-dev] request for new dynamic subformats
>Put about 2 hours into dynamic, and about 20 minutes into,
>and have this (bleeding only):
>from sha2.c  (32 bit build)
>$ ../run/john -test=5 -form=dynamic_39
>Benchmarking: dynamic_39: sha256($s.$p) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
>Many salts:     1638K c/s real, 1592K c/s virtual
>Only one salt:  1590K c/s real, 1508K c/s virtual
>and built against oSSL
>$ ../run/john -test=5 -form=dynamic_39
>Benchmarking: dynamic_39: sha256($s.$p) [32/32 128x1 (MD5_Body)]... DONE
>Many salts:     1910K c/s real, 1948K c/s virtual
>Only one salt:  1804K c/s real, 1835K c/s virtual
>Should be able to do everything the 'existing' dynamic can do, but now
>can also use SHA224 and SHA256, and not just SHA1
>Added 3 new flags:
>MGF_SHA256_64_BYTE_FINISH   (note will detect 56 byte hex-hashes and
>switch to sha224 mode)
>and added 8 dynamic functions.  Right now, I only have sha256
>'interface', and it switches over to sha224 if valid detects this is a
>56 byte hash.  Probably NOT the best way to proceed, but what do you
>expect in 2 hours of coding ;)  It is just a start, but should be pretty
>Likely, I i will add sha224 functions, and add the input flag.  That
>way, they could be used interchangably.
>NOTE, these functions have not been written with any SSE in them (since
>we do not have SSE).  However, if these are used for ANYTHING other than
>sha224(string) or sha256(string), then there would be no way to do SSE
>anyway.  With 56 byte hex hashes for sha224 and 64 for sha256, it blows
>SSE out of the water.
>It is NOT in magnum-jumbo bleeding 'yet', but should get there soon.  I
>will probably build the sha224 interface before uploading, and I see a
>nit in the display (MD5_Body) should not be shown, since it is not USING
>MD5_Body functions.
>---- jfoug <> wrote:
>> NOTE, sha256/224 ARE on my wish-list, as soon to be added,
>>> From: Elijah [W&P] []
>>> What can be be popular now is sha256($salt.$pass) and extra points
>for the salt to be "regenable" (00-99)
>>> This one is believed to be related with recent fÐūrmspring "incident"
>NOTE, now that this is in dynamic format, I can also do a 'regen-salt'
>for this one :)

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