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Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2012 18:14:12 +0200
From: Frank Dittrich <>
Subject: Re: Building bleeding (target linux-x86-clang) fails (gost.h/gost_plug.c)

On 07/03/2012 05:15 PM, Frank Dittrich wrote:
> On 07/03/2012 04:59 PM, jfoug wrote:
>> It changes the name from
>> __bswap_32() to _Swap_32() before the #define.
> May be we should be even more paranoid, and define _JtR_Swap_32()?

__bswap_64 nneds to be renamed as well.

This makes gost work (john compiles, and gost passes self test):

--- a/src/gost.h
+++ b/src/gost.h
@@ -102,11 +102,11 @@ static inline uint32_t bswap_32(uint32_t x) {
-static inline uint32_t __bswap_32(uint32_t x) {
+static inline uint32_t _JtR_bswap_32(uint32_t x) {
-# define bswap_32(x) __bswap_32(x)
+# define bswap_32(x) _JtR_bswap_32(x)
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ static inline uint32_t __bswap_32(uint32_t x) {
-static inline uint64_t __bswap_64(uint64_t x) {
+static inline uint64_t _JtR_bswap_64(uint64_t x) {
@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ static inline uint64_t __bswap_64(uint64_t x) {
-# define bswap_64(x) __bswap_64(x)
+# define bswap_64(x) _JtR_bswap_64(x)


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