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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 18:53:08 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: Update to TS (new formats, SHA2, and other changes)

Great! Did you sync with ?
Frank did some fixes made due to new hidden options in john.


On 2012-06-28 18:45, jfoug wrote:
> Working on this right now.  Here is what I have done (not committed yet)
> GOST/GOST_cp  (in TS, but I am not sure it was listed).
> Added:
> raw-ssh224
> raw-ssh256
> raw-sha384
> raw-sha512
> dragonfly3_32
> dragonfly4_32
> hmac-sha1   ****** NOTE, there may be problems in this format, I am only
> getting 730 to test ****
> hmac-sha224
> hmac-sha256
> hmac-sha384
> hmac-sha512
> Still to add:
> sha256crypt / sha512crypt.
> NOTE, Once I get these done, I would like someone else to add these to the
> GPU targets (magnum?)
> These are still NOT in TS:
> django  dmd5  dragonfly3-64  dragonfly4-64  drupal7  keychain  odf
> office  pdf  sybasease   pkzip  pwsafe  racf  rar  sip  trip  vnc
> wbb3  wpapsk  zip
> There 'may' be some CPAN code for some of these (like wpapsk)
> When I get this done, I will have a new TS (going to 1.3). and updates to
>  I will also add testing for -pipe, and possibly -stdin/-stdout
> I will also add tests (using crc32, I think) for dict files with \r \r\n
> \r\r\n along with \n line endings.  Also files missing last EOL in the file.
> I will make tests for these using both -w and -pipe.  These type files ARE
> often seen in the wild in wordlists.
> As for the problems in hmac-sha1, I have not dug into the problem (yet), but
> it should not take long to find.
> Jim.
>> From: jfoug []
>>> From: magnum [] btw I pulled a commit
>> >from myrice too with what seemed to be a blocker bugfix for
>>> xsha512-opencl (TS does not support SHA2 so it wasn't caught
>>> - we really need to get SHA2 in there!).
>> Agreed.  Now that I am behind the scene working on some sha2 changes, I
>> will work at getting the sha2 formats supported in the TS. Hopefully I
>> will get some formats into TS this week.

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