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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 03:43:34 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: fake_salts.o has 52 MB of BSS

On 2012-06-28 03:08, jfoug wrote:
> I have shot off another patch to Magnum, fixing a few things.  There
> were issues in kee_pass_fmt_plug.c and hcapp2john.c.  These issues
> were fixed (VC build).
> #include <stdint.h> changed to #include "stdint.h"  (to use the
> stdint.h INSIDE Jtr's source. Some #ifndef _MSC_VER for things like
> unistd.h Vars not at top of blocks (I think Solar already pointed
> this out). atoll required a #define (under _MSC_VER build) to use
> _atoi64
> For now, I just put the atoll -> _atoi64 in kee_pass_fmt.c but it
> probably should be with the other _MSC_VER string type #define patch
> is at (misc.h I think).  If that function gets used anywhere else, I
> think that would be where to put it, but for now, I simply put it in
> the format.

This is committed. I had already fixed the variable declarations
(actually more of them than you found!). And I now also made yet another
commit with additional ones from -DHAVE_NSS.

Here's the commits after Solar's RAR fix, newest at top:

236f5db Fixed another bunch of Dhiru's scattered variable declarations,
for the HAVE_NSS case. (magnum)
c8c7849 VC fixes to hccap2john.c and keepass_fmt_plug.c (JimF)
c7d360b Fix for fake_salts.c that regains 52MB of BSS (magnum)
e5e72e2 Clean up a bunch of Dhiru's scattered variable declarations (magnum)
e7968aa Avoid a bunch of compiler warnings for keepass2john.c (magnum)


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