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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 17:29:30 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: committed patches

Committed to git since my last report (newest at top):

Should I revert Lukas' latest phpass so we get a working format?

20bcc30 Do not "advertise" linux-x86-native as the best target (magnum)
d76dfdd Enhanced compiler version info for --list=build-info (Frank 
99a8707 Markov: fix segfault re-introduced with commit 2c5a95a3 (Frank 
5fb7b7d --list=format-details: use hexadecimal output for the FMT_flags 
b6e273d Fix linux-x86-native build (Frank Dittrich)
c6fb1d3 64 bit intrinsics assembly file update. (bartavelle)
a24ac5c --list=format-all-details: fix indention for FMT_OMP flag 
description (Frank Dittrich)
5c08f49 Adjust --list=format-all-details output to f61def05 changes 
(Frank Dittrich)
299931f md5cryptsse()'s uses of length[] (Solar)
00bd79c phpass_fixesv2.diff (Lukas Odzioba)
6e87e59 64-bit GPU targets Makefile fix: -march=native vs. 
sse-intrinsics.o (magnum)
0685319 Add "unreliable" to mscash-cuda formats (magnum)
ad0091c CUDA mscash formats fixes. Still not 100% OK. (Lukas Odzioba)
f61def0 Revise formats.h descriptions of FMT_UNICODE and FMT_UTF8 (magnum)
e9564a5 Move --fix-state-delay=N to "hidden" options. Does not seem to 
affect bash completion. (magnum)
5d1b383 Set FMT_UNICODE for all mscash GPU formats (magnum)
eba7af0 doc/MARKOV: Clarify explanation START / END values (Frank Dittrich)
8604f6a Markov: move mkv_start / mkv_end computation out of 
do_markov_crack() (Frank Dittrich)
6a06f2a Revert to a non-vectorized phpass OpenCL format, hand-edited to 
reflect new names/labels/etc and shared opencl_find_best_workgroup() 


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