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Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 01:39:22 +0200
From: Frank Dittrich <>
Subject: Implement --markov=MODE[:<options]

Hi all,

finally I finished implementing --markov=MODE support, and I think I
addressed all issues that have been discussed last time I started that

I voted for naming the new option --markov=MODE instead of
--markov=SECTION, to make it more consistent with --incremental=MODE (in
the usage output).

--markov=default:<options> is the same as --markov=<options>.
--markov=default is the same as --markov.
--markov=other_name[:<options>] is the same as
--markov=default[:<options>], except that the variables are read from
[Markov:other_name] instead of [Markov:Default].

The name of the Markov mode must contain at least one character that is
not a digit and not '-'. Otherwise, the name would be treated as a level
The name of the Markov mode must not contain a colon.

If --markov=other_name is used, there is no fallback to variables
specified in section [Markov:Default].
If you want such a fallback, you have to use

.include [Markov:Default]
Statsfile = $JOHN/other_stats

These are the variables supported:


MkvMinLvl is only used if min. level is 0 or not specified on the
command line and if MkvMaxLvl is used to set the max. Markov level.

So, with

Statsfile = $JOHN/stats
MkvMinLvl = 180
MkvLvl = 220
MkvMaxLen = 12

--markov=test:200 will be the same as --markov=200:0:0:12, and not the
same as --markov=180-200:0:0:12

But --markov=test:0-0 will be the same as --markov=180-220:0:0:12

For now, I didn't support MkvStart and/or MkvEnd as default for missing
(or initial) START / END values on the command line.
If anybody has a use case which could benefit from having these options
in a Markov mode section, please let me know. This can easily be


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