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Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 20:15:41 +0200
From: Frank Dittrich <>
Subject: Re: Fwd: bash auto-completion for john

On 05/08/2012 08:58 AM, magnum wrote:
> Of course, we should also support dynamic completion of --format. I
> suppose this wont need any hidden option, we already get a parsable list
> from john with no options.

Done. (works for older john versions (force hash type NAME:
DES/BSDI/MD5/BF/AFS/LM/crypt...) and newer jumbo versions.

Together with the dynamic subformats (if available) we get more than 120
To avoid the "Display all n possibilities? (y or n)" promt, I decided to
provide this list in the first expansion step for
./john --format=
afs            dragonfly4-32  hmac-sha512    mscash2        nsldap
   racf           sapg
bf             dragonfly4-64  hmailserver    mschapv2       nt
   rar            sha1-gen
bfegg          drupal7        ipb2           mskrb5         nt2
   raw-md4        sip
bsdi           dummy          keychain       mssql          office
   raw-md5        ssh
crc32          dynamic        krb4           mssql05        oracle
   raw-md5u       sybasease
crypt          epi            krb5           mysql          oracle11
   raw-sha        trip
cryptsha256    episerver      lm             mysql-fast     osc
   raw-sha1       vnc
cryptsha512    hdaa           lotus5         mysql-sha1     pdf
   raw-sha224     xsha
des            hmac-md5       md4-gen        nethalflm      phpass-md5
   raw-sha256     xsha512
dmd5           hmac-sha1      md5            netlm          phps
   raw-sha384     zip
dominosec      hmac-sha224    md5ns          netlmv2        pix-md5
dragonfly3-32  hmac-sha256    mediawiki      netntlm        pkzip
dragonfly3-64  hmac-sha384    mscash         netntlmv2      po

./john --format=d
des            dominosec      dragonfly3-64  dragonfly4-64  dummy
dmd5           dragonfly3-32  dragonfly4-32  drupal7        dynamic

./john --format=dy ... ./john --format=dynami get expanded to ./john
--format=dynamic (without a trailing space.

./john --format=dynamic gets expanded to ./john --format=dynamic_
(again, without a trailing space).

Tab expansion for ./john --format=dynamic_ (press [tab] key twice) lists
these options:
 dynamic_0     dynamic_1005  dynamic_13    dynamic_2     dynamic_26
dynamic_32    dynamic_8
dynamic_1     dynamic_1006  dynamic_14    dynamic_20    dynamic_27
dynamic_33    dynamic_9
dynamic_10    dynamic_1007  dynamic_15    dynamic_21    dynamic_28
dynamic_1001  dynamic_1008  dynamic_16    dynamic_22    dynamic_29
dynamic_1002  dynamic_1009  dynamic_17    dynamic_23    dynamic_3
dynamic_1003  dynamic_11    dynamic_18    dynamic_24    dynamic_30
dynamic_1004  dynamic_12    dynamic_19    dynamic_25    dynamic_31

Better ideas?

for the non-jumbo version, it just lists these values:
john --format=
AFS    BF     BSDI   crypt  DES    LM     MD5

> There's also --sub=list and --enc=list that could probably be used as-is.

-sub gets expanded to --subformat=LIST.
(I use --subformat=LIST to get the list of dynamic_* formats for the
--format= expansion, as mentioned above.

./john --encoding=
ansi         cp1252       cp437        cp850        cp866
iso-8859-15  koi8-r
cp1251       cp1253       cp737        cp858        iso-8859-1
iso-8859-7   utf-8

(Provided that the john version supports the --encoding=NAME option)

> I noticed I currently won't get any completion if I only write one dash,
> as in john -inc. Hopefully we can support both ways.

I'll expand -in or -inc to --incremental.
But currently expansion of -inc=Dig or --inc:Dig to -inc=Digits or
--incremental=Digits is not supported.

--incremental gets expanded to --incremental=
--incremental= uses the following hard coded list for expansion:
All     Alnum   Alpha   Digits  LanMan

(I'll not expand -incremental=)

As long as the john version supports an optional value for --rules and
--single (as indicated by the usage output), expansion for
./john --rules lists these (hard coded) values
--rules           --rules=NT        --rules=single    --rules=wordlist

Expansion for --single lists these hard coded values:
--single           --single=NT        --single=single    --single=wordlist

Expansion for --external= lists
AppendLuhn        DateTime          Filter_Alnum      Filter_LanMan
LanMan            Repeats
AtLeast1-Generic  Double            Filter_Alpha      Keyboard
Parallel          Strip
AtLeast1-Simple   DumbForce         Filter_Digits     KnownForce
Policy            Subsets

Expansion for ./john --save-memory= lists
1  2  3

For --wordlist=*|--config=*|--pot=*|--make-charset=*, I still list all
matching files and directories (in the current directory, unless the
value on the command line already includes path information).
I'm still thinking about removing the expansion for --make-charset=.
For --pot= and --config=, the list should probably filtered (just
directory names and *.pot or *.conf/*.ini files).

Still not working: correct handling of file names starting with ~.

Also currently not supported, but probably nice to have:
Expansion for ./john --restore and ./john --status

Less important:
could be supported once I check the password hash files on the command
line. (It is questionable whether it is a good idea to process large
files in a shell script.)

Source code is still ugly.
But at least I managed to restrict usage of external commands to grep
and sed.


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