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Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 21:55:26 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: MSCash2 formats reliability & usability

Great, committed now.  Sayantan (and Lukas), you probably want to
incorporate the same code in your GPU formats too.


On 04/12/2012 09:40 PM, jfoug wrote:
>> From: Solar Designer []
>> Jim, magnum, Lukas, Sayantan -
>> We have three JtR formats for MSCash2: CPU, CUDA, OpenCL.
>> The CPU one supports many different representations of MSCash2 hashes
>> and has many test vectors of different form ($DCC2$ prefix present vs.
>> not, iteration count included vs. not, username included vs. separate).
>> This is great, although the format's support for variable iteration
>> counts is probably unneeded (there are no non-10240 MSCash2 hashes in
>> the wild, as far as I'm aware).  However, I think with all this
>> complexity the format is also more prone to bugs than it has to be.
>> For example, with this combination of hashes in the input file:
>> $DCC2$Joe#e09b38f84ab0be586b730baf61781e30
>> $DCC2$test#a86012faf7d88d1fc037a69764a92cac
>> $DCC2$administrator#a150f71752b5d605ef0b2a1e98945611
>> $DCC2$administrator#c14eb8279e4233ec14e9d393637b65e2
>> $DCC2$administrator#8ce9c0279b4e6f226f52d559f9c2c5f3
>> $DCC2$administrator#2fc788d09fad7e26a92d12356fa44bdf
>> $DCC2$administrator#6aa19842ffea11f0f0c89f8ca8d245bd
>> John does not recognize the different salts (should be 3 different):
> I have tightened up prepare in mscash1 and mscash2.
>> user@...l:~/john/magnum-jumbo/run$ ./john pw-bug -fo=mscash2 Loaded 7
>> password hashes with no different salts (M$ Cache Hash 2 (DCC2) [SSE2i
>> 8x])
> They were being loaded totally wrong.  The string being loaded for the
> first one, was:
> $DCC2$10240#?#$dcc2$joe#e09b38f84ab0be586b730baf61781e30
> Thus, in that form, ALL were getting the salt of ? as the salt.
>> I guess there's a bug in prepare(), get_salt() or/and SALT_SIZE.  By the
>> way, it is weird how SALT_SIZE is defined as 11*4, but is actually put
>> into the struct as SALT_SIZE+4.  
> Because I 'stole' the first 4 bytes (array of 2 2 byte values), to store the
> iteration count, and the salt len, so they would be 'ready' to be used and 
> not have to be computed over and over again.  I simply left the salt 'junk' 
> alone, and bumped up the size in bytes of the salt in the format structure
> by 4.
> Looking at it now, the SALT_LEN #define is only used within setting the
> format
> struct, so I have simply modified the #define.
>> Assuming that this is the correct value
>> to use, we should specify SALT_SIZE as (11*4+4) right away.
>> Another issue is that strings of the above form are somehow also
>> recognized as "mscash".  I guess this has to do with
>> mscash1_fmt_plug.c's prepare() being too willing to turn anything into
>> what its valid() would recognize.  It should probably perform some
>> validation first.
> Fixed in patch.  It 'only' appends the M$ (or $DCC2$1024# for cash2),
> IF the field 1 is 32 byte hex number (i.e. raw).  So yes, it did get
> some added validation.

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