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Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 01:17:09 +0100
From: magnum <>
Subject: Unifed OpenCL/[CUDA/]CPU formats

I got this idea today, I will try it out but here are the general thoughts:

A problem with all OpenCL formats is they perform very poor in Single
mode because they don't get a full batch of keys. Another problem is
that the user need to choose between OpenCL and CPU versions of the same
formats - end-users should not have to think about that. A third problem
is the sheer number of formats in Jumbo. Having two versions of RAR does
not help.

So my idea is this: I will not release a "rar-opencl" format. Instead, I
will add OpenCL functionality to the existing rar format, #ifdef'ed if
building for OpenCL. Furthermore (and this is the punch line), even if
built for OpenCL, the format will run in CPU if we got a count less than
our announced max_keys_per_crypt.

Is there a downside of this? I can think of a couple of caveats:
* The self-tests will run on CPU (as they do not fill MKPC). This is a
good thing in terms of test time (see separate thread) but the OpenCL
part will never get tested and that is a problem.
* The benchmark will run on GPU (as it does fill MKPC). This is good,
but it will be hard to compare CPU vs GPU performance for this format.

I believe the benchmark just measures crypt_all() and cmp_all() but it
never checks the result of cmp_all(), right? Maybe we should add such a
check in the end - I suppose it could be done after stopping the clock
(if that is wanted).

BTW I am now approaching 1000 c/s for RAR on GTX280 - still without
really profiling it. cRARk does about 3000 c/s for the same length, on
same card. I regard that as par and I intend to make a birdie (at some
point in space-time).

Any ideas, comments, hollers or suggestions are welcome.


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