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Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 16:57:55 +0400
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: 1.7.9's --external + OpenMP fails on Cygwin


I've just released a new official build of John the Ripper 1.7.9 for
Windows.  It replaced the ancient build of version here:

Please help me test it.  I did not do anything about the issue below -
that is, it should be present in this build, unfortunately - except
that the main john.exe is not OpenMP-enabled, whereas the
OpenMP-enabled build is called john-omp.exe.  However, I did not
reproduce the issue on more than one system (I only tried on one), so
I'd appreciate any confirmation that the issue is indeed reproducible on
other Windows systems as well.

I intend to announce this build properly shortly, so I'd appreciate
having some test results very soon.  If there turns out to be something
very wrong with this build (worse than what I wrote below), then I might
have to correct it and re-release.



On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 11:45:43PM +0400, Solar Designer wrote:
> JimF -
> Here's a really weird bug that I spent several hours on today, without
> much luck.  Maybe you'll be able to figure it out?
> I built 1.7.9 on latest Cygwin (with gcc 4.5.3), including with OpenMP
> (this required a fix to the Makefile line for john.exe to pass LDFLAGS).
> Then I went to test it.  While most things worked fine, I unexpectedly
> got the program to lock up with --external=LanMan.  Then I reproduced
> the same with -e=Double.  Then with other hash types as well.
> In my testing, the problem occurs only with OpenMP builds on Cygwin
> running more than one thread, but only when --external is the main
> cracking mode.  Hash type does not matter (I tested DES, MD5, BF from
> pw-fake-unix available on the wiki).
> The problem does not occur with --incremental, not even when I add an
> external filter to that.  It also does not occur with OMP_NUM_THREADS=1.
> I tried to reproduce it on Linux by compiling without OS_TIMER (more
> similar to the build with Cygwin) - no luck (that is, the program ran
> fine on Linux no matter what).
> Also, the problem does not occur with 1.7.8 built in a similar fashion
> (tested on BF only, obviously).  It is new with 1.7.9.
> I did not test any -jumbo, I did not try moving my build to another
> machine yet, and I did not try using a third-party build of recent JtR.
> I debugged the problem in OllyDbg a little bit.  (It's my first time
> using this debugger, by the way.)  On a dual-core, there are three
> threads - two are running, one is mostly waiting.  When the problem is
> triggered - which happens just a few seconds after program start - only
> one running thread remains, and it is looping in cyggomp-1's calls to
> cygwin1.dll's sem_wait().  Specifically, per gcc/libgomp sources, it
> appears to assume that if sem_wait() returns an error, that error must
> be EINTR because of a signal, so it simply repeats the call.  In my
> case, the error is instead EINVAL (yes, I did locate and check errno).
> Why the semaphore is invalid I don't know.  There's code that checks the
> semaphore struct at offset +4 for magic values 0xdf0df04c
> (PTHREAD_MUTEX_MAGIC) and 0xdf0df046 (PTHREAD_RWLOCK_MAGIC).  When the
> EINVAL looping occurs, the value is the latter.  Changing it to the
> former (which the underlying code checks for first) made the EINVAL go
> away and the program continue working for a while longer (even cracking
> some more passwords), but that's just black magic.
> I don't see relevant changes between 1.7.8 and 1.7.9.  While I did
> change the external mode code a little bit, none of those changes look
> like a likely culprit.  I've tested that int_word[] is not being
> overflown on the copy from ext_word[] - it is not.
> I suppose we can try bisecting the changes between 1.7.8 and 1.7.9
> anyway, but I am not sure if this will help much.
> Would you try to reproduce this?
> I am really not into Windows.  Even for OllyDbg, I am running it over
> VNC from a Linux desktop.
> Thanks,
> Alexander

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