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Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2011 21:45:17 -0500
From: Erik Winkler <>
Subject: Re: Use of ICC

On Dec 3, 2011, at 3:06 PM, Solar Designer wrote:

> Oh, I thought that any assembler capable of AVX instructions would also
> recognize this one, which is closely related.
> What does "as --version" say?

as -version
Apple Inc version cctools-782~33, GNU assembler version 1.38

> In fact, I thought that the reason why you were not able to build with
> AVX before was old version of binutils (specifically, as) - but this is
> not affected by you moving from gcc to icc, is it?  Since your build
> succeeded now, I think you'd be able to build with gcc as well.

Under xcode 4, on clang support AVX.  Because of the GPL3 license, Apple will no longer support gcc version newer than 4.2.1.  Must be some legal issues that Apple does not like in GPL3.

> Can you try an OpenMP build?  With those, DES_bs.[ch] actually ensure
> proper alignment in a way that is not gcc-specific.

OpenMP works as well.  I had to add -static-intel to compile flags so it would run without needing access to libiomp5.dylib.

Here are those benchmarks.

Benchmarking: Traditional DES [128/128 BS AVX-16]... DONE
Many salts:	19608K c/s real, 2452K c/s virtual
Only one salt:	15082K c/s real, 1891K c/s virtual

Benchmarking: BSDI DES (x725) [128/128 BS AVX-16]... DONE
Many salts:	665906 c/s real, 83425 c/s virtual
Only one salt:	564838 c/s real, 70799 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: FreeBSD MD5 [32/64 X2]... DONE
Raw:	57638 c/s real, 7211 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: OpenBSD Blowfish (x32) [32/64 X2]... DONE
Raw:	3794 c/s real, 475 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: Kerberos AFS DES [48/64 4K]... DONE
Short:	447948 c/s real, 373913 c/s virtual
Long:	1547K c/s real, 1547K c/s virtual

Benchmarking: LM DES [128/128 BS AVX-16]... DONE
Raw:	56662K c/s real, 7095K c/s virtual

Benchmarking: Tripcode DES [48/64 4K]... DONE
Raw:	390259 c/s real, 328053 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: dummy [N/A]... DONE
Raw:	76383K c/s real, 76383K c/s virtual


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