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Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 15:21:24 -0600
From: "jfoug" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: .bss size in -jumbo

>>From: magnum []
>>Nine of the worst offenders are fixed in patch 0019. I did the ones I
>>was guilty of :)
>As was found yesterday, when I had MD5 core, we need to memset to 0, the
>dyna-allocs of these buffers, to null's.  This keeps the change equal to

I have found that many of these also required a memset of zero.  I am not
sure if the build was special (the problem I found was in a
win32-cygwin-x86-sse2 build).  What I found was -test=x
-format=specific_format would cause a failure.  -test=x by itself (running
test of all formats), ran like a champ.

Thus, I will be putting out a new memset after alloc patch, if magnum does
not beat me to it.

I have run all of these tests, and they are all 'clean'.

../run/john -test=0 -form=des
../run/john -test=0 -form=bsdi
../run/john -test=0 -form=md5
../run/john -test=0 -form=bf
../run/john -test=0 -form=afs
../run/john -test=0 -form=lm
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_0
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_1
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_2
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_3
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_4
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_5
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_6
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_8
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_9
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_10
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_11
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_12
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_13
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_14
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_15
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_16
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_17
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_18
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_19
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_20
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_21
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_22
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_23
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_24
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_25
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_26
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_27
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_28
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_1001
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_1002
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_1003
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_1004
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_1005
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_1006
../run/john -test=0 -form=dynamic_1008
../run/john -test=0 -form=bfegg
../run/john -test=0 -form=dmd5
../run/john -test=0 -form=dominosec
../run/john -test=0 -form=epi
../run/john -test=0 -form=hdaa
../run/john -test=0 -form=ipb2
../run/john -test=0 -form=krb4
../run/john -test=0 -form=krb5
../run/john -test=0 -form=mschapv2
../run/john -test=0 -form=mysql-fast
../run/john -test=0 -form=mysql
../run/john -test=0 -form=netlm
../run/john -test=0 -form=netlmv2
../run/john -test=0 -form=netntlm
../run/john -test=0 -form=netntlmv2
../run/john -test=0 -form=nethalflm
../run/john -test=0 -form=md5ns
../run/john -test=0 -form=nt2
../run/john -test=0 -form=nt
../run/john -test=0 -form=phps
../run/john -test=0 -form=po
../run/john -test=0 -form=xsha
../run/john -test=0 -form=crc32
../run/john -test=0 -form=hmac-md5
../run/john -test=0 -form=lotus5
../run/john -test=0 -form=md4-gen
../run/john -test=0 -form=mediawiki
../run/john -test=0 -form=mscash
../run/john -test=0 -form=mscash2
../run/john -test=0 -form=mskrb5
../run/john -test=0 -form=mssql
../run/john -test=0 -form=mssql05
../run/john -test=0 -form=mysql-sha1
../run/john -test=0 -form=nsldap
../run/john -test=0 -form=oracle11
../run/john -test=0 -form=oracle
../run/john -test=0 -form=phpass-md5
../run/john -test=0 -form=pix-md5
../run/john -test=0 -form=pkzip
../run/john -test=0 -form=raw-md4
../run/john -test=0 -form=raw-md5thick
../run/john -test=0 -form=raw-md5
../run/john -test=0 -form=raw-sha1
../run/john -test=0 -form=raw-sha
../run/john -test=0 -form=raw-md5u
../run/john -test=0 -form=salted-sha1
../run/john -test=0 -form=sapb
../run/john -test=0 -form=sapg
../run/john -test=0 -form=sha1-gen
../run/john -test=0 -form=raw-sha224
../run/john -test=0 -form=raw-sha256
../run/john -test=0 -form=raw-sha384
../run/john -test=0 -form=raw-sha512
../run/john -test=0 -form=xsha512
../run/john -test=0 -form=hmailserver
../run/john -test=0 -form=sybasease
../run/john -test=0 -form=trip
../run/john -test=0 -form=ssh
../run/john -test=0 -form=pdf
../run/john -test=0 -form=rar
../run/john -test=0 -form=zip
../run/john -test=0 -form=dummy

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