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Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 14:37:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Robert B. Harris" <>
Subject: Error building jumbo-2-omp-des-7-mscash2-2 in Owl 32-bit, and fix

The following is for john-1.7.8 on Owl 3.0-current 2011/03/12 x86 32-bit, with the following patches:

I'm getting an error at DES_bs_b.c, see at the end, when I try to compile with "make clean linux-x86-sse2".

However, if I compile with "make clean linux-x86-sse2i", I get past this but it errors out, later on.
I don't get any errors with the same build, with the exception of omp 4, instead of omp 7 on Owl 32-bit.

Also, I don't get any of these errors with the same source or the omp 4 source compiled with "make clean linux-x86-64", on Owl 64 bit.

So, since it says -msse2 needs to be added, the simpliest place I could add it where it worked was in OMPFLAGS.  
So I tested with "OMPFLAGS = -fopenmp -msse2".  I'm pretty sure this isn't the best place to put it, but was the easiest for my test.
After I added this, it compiled!

So, do you agree this needs to be added permanently?  If so, where is the best place?  If not, what is the solution?

Here is the orginal error:
$ make clean linux-x86-sse2
rm -f ../run/john ../run/unshadow ../run/unafs ../run/unique ../run/undrop ../run/ssh2john ../run/pdf2john ../run/rar2john ../run/zip2john ../run/genmkvpwd ../run/mkvcalcproba ../run/calc_stat ../run/tgtsnarf ../run/john.bin ../run/ ../run/ ../run/ ../run/ ../run/ ../run/ ../run/ ../run/ ../run/zip2john ../run/john.exe ../run/unshadow.exe ../run/unafs.exe ../run/unique.exe ../run/undrop.exe ../run/ssh2john.exe ../run/pdf2john.exe ../run/rar2john.exe ../run/zip2john.exe ../run/genmkvpwd.exe ../run/mkvcalcproba.exe ../run/calc_stat.exe ../run/john-mingw.exe ../run/unshadow.exe ../run/unafs.exe ../run/unique.exe ../run/undrop.exe ../run/ssh2john.exe ../run/pdf2john.exe ../run/rar2john.exe ../run/zip2john.exe ../run/genmkvpwd.exe ../run/mkvcalcproba.exe ../run/calc_stat.exe
rm -f ../run/john.exe john-macosx-* *.o *.bak core
rm -f detect bench generic.h arch.h tmp.s
rm -f fmt_registers.h fmt_externs.h
cp /dev/null Makefile.dep
ln -f -s x86-sse.h arch.h
make ../run/john ../run/unshadow ../run/unafs ../run/unique ../run/undrop ../run/ssh2john ../run/pdf2john ../run/rar2john ../run/zip2john ../run/genmkvpwd ../run/mkvcalcproba ../run/calc_stat ../run/tgtsnarf \
                JOHN_OBJS=" DES_fmt.o DES_std.o DES_bs.o DES_bs_b.o BSDI_fmt.o MD5_fmt.o MD5_std.o BF_fmt.o BF_std.o AFS_fmt.o LM_fmt.o timer.o md5_go.o md5_eq.o md5.o hmacmd5.o base64.o md4.o md5_gen_fmt.o md5_gen_parser.o md5_gen_preloads.o md5_gen_utils.o hmailserver_fmt.o SybaseASE_fmt.o SKEY_fmt.o ssh_fmt.o ssh2john.o pdf_fmt.o pdf2john.o pdfcrack_common.o pdfcrack_md5.o pdfparser.o pdfcrack.o pdfcrack_rc4.o rar_fmt.o rar2john.o zip_fmt.o zip2john.o gladman_hmac.o gladman_pwd2key.o BFEgg_fmt_plug.o DMD5_fmt_plug.o DOMINOSEC_fmt_plug.o EPI_fmt_plug.o HDAA_fmt_plug.o IPB2_fmt_plug.o KRB4_fmt_plug.o KRB4_std_plug.o KRB5_fmt_plug.o KRB5_std_plug.o MSCHAPv2_fmt_plug.o MYSQL_fast_fmt_plug.o MYSQL_fmt_plug.o NETLM_fmt_plug.o NETLMv2_fmt_plug.o NETNTLM_fmt_plug.o NETNTLMv2_fmt_plug.o NETSPLITLM_fmt_plug.o NSLDAPS_fmt_plug.o NSLDAP_fmt_plug.o NS_fmt_plug.o NT_fmt_plug.o OPENLDAPS_fmt_plug.o PHPS_fmt_plug.o PO_fmt_plug.o XSHA_fmt_plug.o hmacMD5_fmt_plug.o lotus5_fmt_plug.o md4_gen_fmt_plug.o mediawiki_fmt_plug.o mscash1_fmt_plug.o mscash2_fmt_plug.o mskrb5_fmt_plug.o mssql-old_fmt_plug.o mssql05_fmt_plug.o mysqlSHA1_fmt_plug.o oracle11_fmt_plug.o oracle_fmt_plug.o phpassMD5_fmt_plug.o pixMD5_fmt_plug.o rawMD4_fmt_plug.o rawMD5go_fmt_plug.o rawMD5unicode_fmt_plug.o rawSHA1_fmt_plug.o salted_sha1_fmt_plug.o sapB_fmt_plug.o sapG_fmt_plug.o sha1_gen_fmt_plug.o dummy.o batch.o bench.o charset.o common.o compiler.o config.o cracker.o crc32.o external.o formats.o getopt.o idle.o inc.o john.o list.o loader.o logger.o math.o memory.o misc.o options.o params.o path.o recovery.o rpp.o rules.o signals.o single.o status.o tty.o wordlist.o mkv.o mkvlib.o unicode.o unshadow.o unafs.o undrop.o unique.o c3_fmt.o x86.o x86-sse.o sha1-mmx.o md5-mmx.o" \
                CFLAGS="-c -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -I/usr/local/include -fopenmp -DHAVE_CRYPT" \
                LDFLAGS="-s -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/ssl/lib -lcrypto -lssl -lm -fopenmp -static -lssl -lcrypto -lcrypt -lz -ldl -lm"
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/rharris/john-1.7.8-jumbo-2-omp-des-7-mscash2-2-RFC-with-source/src'
gcc -c -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -I/usr/local/include -fopenmp -DHAVE_CRYPT -funroll-loops DES_fmt.c
gcc -c -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -I/usr/local/include -fopenmp -DHAVE_CRYPT -funroll-loops DES_std.c
gcc -c -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -I/usr/local/include -fopenmp -DHAVE_CRYPT -funroll-loops DES_bs.c
gcc -c -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -I/usr/local/include -fopenmp -DHAVE_CRYPT -funroll-loops -finline-functions DES_bs_b.c
DES_bs_b.c: In function 'DES_bs_crypt':
DES_bs_b.c:932:2: error: #error As currently implemented, this patch requires SSE2 (try "gcc -msse2")
DES_bs_b.c:934:2: warning: implicit declaration of function '_mm_set1_epi8' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
DES_bs_b.c:945:5: warning: implicit declaration of function '_mm_slli_epi64' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
DES_bs_b.c:951:4: warning: implicit declaration of function '_mm_srli_epi64' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
make[1]: *** [DES_bs_b.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rharris/john-1.7.8-jumbo-2-omp-des-7-mscash2-2-RFC-with-source/src'
make: *** [linux-x86-sse2] Error 2

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