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Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 18:08:00 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: John 1.7.7-jumbo-5

I think "s/Unicode/UTF-8/g" because "Unicode" support has been there all 
the time for the formats that use it internally. The --utf8 just changes 
what input format is expected. Besides, it's shorter :)


On 2011-05-29 16:03, JFoug wrote:
> Here are some early drafts. I think most of the big stuff is there.
> Magnum, Simon and myself have been the ones that have contributed most
> to the jumbo1 -> jumbo5.
> Simon / Magnum, If I have missed something, please speak up. I think
> most of the major stuff is listed (looking over the diff from J1 to J5)
> Freshmeat: (588 bytes with line breaks removed)
> ----------------------------
> Intrinsic SSE code added (faster 64 bit).
> md5_generic format: enhancements, new subformats, sped up for non SSE
> builds.
> -utf8 option, supports unicode in several formats, plus utf8 support in
> rules engine.
> MPI/OMP code added to many formats.
> Structural fmt_main changes, including new 'prepare' function
> (simplifies loader.c).
> New formats: mskrb5, rawMD5unicode and salted_sha1.
> Enhancements to markov engine.
> ETA shown for inc runs, and other status improvements.
> New options in unique program.
> Many formats significantly improved in performance.
> Numerous build and runtime issues fixed.
> ----------------------------
> Tweet: (118 bytes, so a 'tiny' bit more could be added)
> Intrinsic SSE code (fast). Faster better md5_gen. utf8 support added.
> MPI/OMP support added. New prepare() in formats.
> Tweet: (136 bytes, probably a much better tweet)
> Intrinsic SSE code (fast). Faster+enhanced md5_gen. Unicode support.
> MPI/OMP support. New prepare() in fmt_main. Better Markov / unique.
> On the tweet, if we need to add "john-1.7.7-jumbo-5" or "jtr-jumbo5" or
> something like that, then it becomes even harder to complete. If we have
> to do that, can 2 tweets be done, the first listing "John the Ripper,
> update john-1.7.7-jumbo-5 just released (information to follow)" Then
> the 2nd one containing the release notice above ? I have never sent nor
> received a tweet, so I have no idea about the format or it's general usage.
> I will work on a notice for Openwalls page. It will list a lot more in
> depth the changes, and list credit.
> Note, that tweet was hard to do, since there is SOOO much added. Even
> the freshmeat only glosses over the major changes. There are many (MANY)
> changes that simply can not be listed under those restrictions. This was
> a pretty big set of changes since 177-J1.
> Nothing was really listed about running the code against the new test
> suite, but that in of itself, has allowed a significant improvement in
> flushing out bugs, which may have been in the code for ever. The test
> suite at this time is not part of john or jumbo, so is not really
> listed. It may never be 'formally' included, but it is likely that it
> will be externally integrated into the next jumbo, and incorporated into
> a set of make rules (just an FYI on plans).
> Jim.
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Solar Designer" <>
>> I need two summaries of changes, with different level of detail. Both
>> must be relative to 1.7.7-jumbo-1. One of these should be suitable for
>> posting to john-users and announce lists. The other should be suitable
>> for Freshmeat - 600 chars max - and I'll also use it as source material
>> for Openwall's news web page, and to come up with a tweet (which must be
>> even shorter, obviously). Please take a look at some past Freshmeat
>> announcements to get an idea of what this short summary should look
>> like:
>> Please note that Freshmeat does not allow including credit in the
>> changes summary (who added what). However, I like including credit in
>> the john-users and announce postings, and on the Openwall website
>> (there's usually no space for this in tweets, unfortunately). So please
>> include this info in the longer summary of changes, but not in the one
>> that you'll need to fit in 600 chars.

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