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Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 17:39:57 -0500
From: "JimF" <>
To: <>
Subject: Jumbo-3 RC1 released

I have placed (on the wiki patch page), a new jumbo RC.  Here is what has 
changed, SINCE jumbo-2-RC1:

NOTE, this version makes numerous changes to Makefile, and the builds. 
PLEASE test, make sure envirionments build properly, and follow up with 
problems, or compiler warnings (especially new ones, not in john core, or 

Fixed several setup 'memory leaks' (HDAA KRB5)
Incorporated sse-intrinsics
   md5 / Apache Apache was not working in the 1.77 patch.  All hash 
functions implemented.
   fully integrated into md5_gen  In md5_gen, got this working:
     all SHA1 (using intrisics)
     gen(27) and gen(28) OpenBSD md5/Apache Md5
     made changes to SSEmd5body() functions telling them to load IV's, in 
preparation for handling SSE/Intrisic data longer than 55 bytes.
     NOTE, on 64 bit builds, there are some formats not working properly. 
For now, these have been commented out in those builds.
   Added a new function to .S ssa asm.  It makes it easier to dual build for 
Para and nonPara mode.
   Changes to makefile.
     new linux-x86-64-icc
     new linux-x86-64-clang
     new linux-x86-sse2i        (intrisic 32 bit linux)
     new win32-mingw-x86-sse2i  (intrisic 32 bit linux)
     adding intrinsics to:
     linux-x86-64-32-mmx  (but that version is not buildable)
  Added a new arch file x86-sse2i.h   This is 32 bit, but with intrisics
  Made changes to all intrisic arch files, to distinguish PARA count from 
gcc and icc.
  raw-md5 is now a thin format. It links to md5_gen(0).
  raw-sha1 now has intrisic SSE code.
  Added sse-intrisics.c/.h
Changes (enhancements to Markov processing). Added 2 new params, minlevel 
and minlen
Salted-sha format (same as nsldaps)
Moved init of md5_gen down to after the 'default' core john init calls, with 
the exception of it is before fmt_md5
Added some nice debugging functions to memory.c (to help dump out SSE 
Added some new function to SHA (32 bit Asm). 
Enanced unique.c
  1. Added -v         Some screen outputs
  2. -inp=fname       Allows using without being a filter.  Fixes some Win32 
issued (embedded EOF, last line missing EOL, etc)
  3. -ex_file=fname   A 2nd file that is also used to unique the data 
against.  Only unique data in input file also NOT in this file will be 
  4. -ex_file_only=fn Same as -ex_file BUT assumes current data is already 
unique, thus does not perform unique on original input data.
  5. -cut=num         Cut the lines to num bytes long (or shorter).  Also, 
the -ex_file data is cut when read, so it properly uniques data.
  6. -cut=LM          This will cut words to 7 bytes, AND if longer than 7 
bytes, will grab the next 7 bytes.  Also, data is upcased.  NOTE, this 
operation is NOT performed on the -ex_file data.  To use -ex_file, it should 
already be in LM format.
  7. -mem=num         A number from 13 to 25 (default john build is 20). 
This controls size of hash buffer, and input building buffer.  Default of 20 
is hash is 1 million items, and buffer of 64MB.  Each number up is 2x 
larger, each num down is 1/2 size.

So these patches are now in:
Jumbo-2:  md5_gen (JimF)
Jumob-3:  sse_intrisics (Simon), unique (JimF)

I am going to turn over the next jumbo work to magnum, and allow him to get 
several patches built in.

I will start working on 'thin' formats for MD5_gen, and getting several 
other formats in. (magnum may put these formats in, on the jumbo-4).  I will 
also work on figuring out the 64-bit problems in md5_gen (or find someone 
who is better at debugging under *nix than I am).


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