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Date: Mon, 9 May 2011 15:08:49 -0500
From: "jfoug" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: Plumbing changes (moved from john-users)

>From: magnum Sent: Monday, May 09, 2011 2:24 PM
>--format=NAME    force hash type NAME:
>                 md5-gen/md5-gen/md5-gen/md5-gen/md5-gen/md5-gen
>                 md5-gen/md5-gen/md5-gen/md5-gen/md5-gen/md5-gen
>  --clip--
>This did not happen with Jumbo-1. So, what should I do here? 

We can work on this offline.  

The change from J1 to J2 is that md5-gen now is a bunch of individual
formats.  Before, it was one single format structure that morphed itself.
Unfortunately, within each md5_gen format, there is a 'private' object (it's
new to the format structure, and ONLY md5-gen uses it).  This private object
would be similar to a 'this' pointer in C++.  This is the reason why there
is a fmt_main * to the prepare, valid and init functions.  Md5_gen gets the
'this' object for that specific format structure (since there are dozens of
them floating around that can be used by the code), and then it sets some
variables so the code knows 'how' to function.

I think I did not set the alo name inside the structure objects, but do so
within that 'private' object.  It should be a trivial change to get it
working properly.

Then, if we move the md5_gen init 'down', it will show formats in more of a
'normal' way.

NOTE, for J2, the --subformat is actually deprecated.  It is still there,
and still 'works', but the only reason it was left at all, was due to the
--subformat=LIST.   In J2 you can simply do   --format=md5_gen(#)  and get a
specific.  You can also do --format=md5-gen.  'normally' the usage of
--format= for md5_gen is only needed for benchmarking, or if there is an
input file with multiple types contained within it.  Normally, john will
auto detect md5_gen(x) formats.

So in benching,   
-test=1 -form=md5-gen   will test all md5_gen types.
-test=1 -form=md5_gen(13) will test only type 13.

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