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Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 23:32:01 +0300
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: [openwall-announce] JtR 1.7.5-jumbo-1 builds; jumbo patch update; passwdqc wiki page


This is to announce three items at once:

1. Erik Winkler has contributed Win32 and Mac OS X builds of John the
Ripper 1.7.5 with revision 1 of the jumbo patch.  I've placed these into
the contrib/ directory and updated the links at:

The Mac OS X build is usable on a wide range of Mac hardware and
versions of Mac OS X - it is a universal binary with four architectures
and it is statically-linked against Erik's special build of OpenSSL.
Additionally, it uses faster bitslice DES S-box code for PowerPC with
AltiVec by Dumplinger Boy (Dango-Chu).

I posted some further detail on the Mac OS X build to john-users:

2. The jumbo patch for JtR 1.7.5 has been updated to revision 2.  It
turned out that I had inadvertently omitted a file from a pre-1.7.5 CVS
commit introducing the "p" numeric variable into the word mangling rules
engine.  I've included this functionality into 1.7.5-jumbo-2 now, and
indeed it will be in the next official version of JtR.  Additionally,
this update of the jumbo patch adds support for external filters to the
Markov mode (patch by Simon Marechal).

3. A wiki page on passwdqc (our password/passphrase strength checking
and policy enforcement toolset) has been setup with pointers to
user-created OS-specific instructions and packages of passwdqc:

You are encouraged to register for a wiki account and add more content
to the passwdqc page, as well as to create sub-pages (perhaps with
instructions specific to your OS).


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