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Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 06:41:13 +0400
Subject: Owl 0.1-stable


We've started maintaining a stable branch of Owl, based on Owl 0.1-
prerelease.  This branch will have all significant reliability and
security fixes necessary to use Owl in production -- even before its
feature set is complete for it to be called 1.0.

Another recent addition is the OpenBSD-like change logs for both Owl
branches.  Whenever there's a security fix applied to an Owl branch,
there will be a change log entry with "SECURITY FIX" and a Severity
field on it, in addition to the usual description of what exactly was
changed and why.  As we fix even very minor security problems, we're
not going to "spam" Bugtraq with advisories each time.

We will keep the number of change log entries per week low such that
the really important changes may be easily seen.  Those who need more
detailed information can always read change logs for the individual

The Owl change logs are included with the corresponding branches under
Owl/doc/CHANGES (Owl-0_1-stable/doc/CHANGES for the stable branch) and
are also available at: (current branch) (stable branch)

Finally, below is a summary of security fixes that have been applied
since the prerelease.  So far, the worst vulnerability which affects
the default install of Owl 0.1-prerelease is the GnuPG format string
bug, and that is passive.

owl!build:~$ grep -B1 '^SECURITY FIX' native/Owl/doc/CHANGES 
2001/06/29	Package: xinetd
SECURITY FIX	Severity: none to high, remote, active
2001/06/27	Package: gpm
SECURITY FIX	Severity: none to low, physical, active
2001/06/14	Package: openssh
SECURITY FIX	Severity: none to low, remote, active
2001/06/12	Package: screen
SECURITY FIX	Severity: low, local, passive
2001/06/11	Package: openssh
SECURITY FIX	Severity: low, local, active
2001/06/03	Package: glibc
SECURITY FIX	Severity: low to medium, local, passive
2001/05/30	Package: gnupg
SECURITY FIX	Severity: high, remote, passive
2001/05/29	Packages: SysVinit, xinetd, owl-startup
SECURITY FIX	Severity: none to medium, local, passive to active
2001/05/27	Package: gawk
SECURITY FIX	Severity: low, local, passive
2001/05/23	Package: sysklogd
SECURITY FIX	Severity: none to medium, local, active


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