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John the Ripper credits.

John the Ripper has been developed and is maintained by Solar Designer.

I would like to thank the following people for their direct or indirect help in making John what it is now:

* Matthew Kwan - for producing and letting everyone use his optimized DES S-box expressions (previously found in nonstd.c and sboxes.c, now replaced with Roman Rusakov's):

* Bruce Ford and Rémi Guyomarch - for producing and permitting the use of their MMX implementation of Matthew Kwan's S-box expressions (previously found in x86-mmx.S and x86-sse.S, with modifications, now replaced with code based on Roman Rusakov's S-box expressions).

* Dumplinger Boy (Dango-Chu) - for producing and letting everyone use his optimized DES S-box expressions making use of a vector conditional select operation such as on PowerPC with AltiVec (previously found in sboxes-s.c, now replaced with Roman Rusakov's).

* Roman Rusakov - for the DES S-box expressions that current versions of John the Ripper use, as well as for optimization hints during early development of John the Ripper.

* DeepLearningJohnDoe - for the DES S-box expressions targeting the LUT3 operation, which John the Ripper currently uses on AVX-512.

* Eli Biham - for the great "bitslice" paper:

* Lionel Cons - for making me add Kerberos AFS passwords support, for reporting some bugs, and for many good suggestions.

* stran9er - for tracking down the section alignment problem with MMX in the DOS and Win32 ports.

* Authors of the contributed patches ever listed on John the Ripper homepage and/or placed into contrib/ directory on the FTP server - for those patches which, while not included into the official John the Ripper for various reasons, are nevertheless very helpful to many users.

* All the people who have developed freeware crypt(3) implementations - for various tricks that I combined in my routines.

* Niels Provos and Poul-Henning Kamp - for original Blowfish-based and MD5-based crypt(3), respectively, that my implementations are compatible with.

* Alec Muffett - for the original wordlist rules syntax.

* The SOrCErEr - for proving the large charset tables are worth implementing, and for introducing "-groups" in his cracker.

* Jackal - for the format of john.pot and parts of the user interface.

* Anton Ertl - for "Labels as Values" optimization that I use in compiler.c:

* The developers of Cygwin - for Cygwin (at the time called Cygnus Developer's Kit) that I used for the Win32 port:

* DJ Delorie - for DJGPP that I used for the DOS port:

* Charles W Sandmann - for CWSDPMI, the DPMI server used with DJGPP.

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