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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 19:35:39 -0400
From: "Douglas F. Calvert" <>
Subject: problem with make-charset and 1.6.39 on ppc32-altivec

 I am running 1.6.39 on a powerbook running ubuntu/breezy. I used the
linux-ppc32-altivec make target with gcc 4.0.2. The john -test runs
without any errors and basic cracking functionality appears to work
flawlessly. However when i try and do a make-charset john bombs on the
resulting all.chr:

dfc@...p:~/john-1.6.39/run$ ./john -i:ALL pass
Loaded 17247 password hashes with 3976 different salts (Traditional
DES [128/128 BS AltiVec])
Incorrect charset file format: $JOHN/all.chr

This happens when i build for ppc32-altivec, ppc32 or generic.
I am at a loss for what is happening or on how to proceed. SD is their
any magic command line option that i can use to give you more info
about my problem?


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