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Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 22:48:48 -0400
From:  <>
Subject: Re: Initial work on cryptsha256 - SSE

---- wrote: 
> Not getting great improvement.  Some, but not as much as I know I can get.  

Built on bull, and things look  a little better.  

oSSL speed 350
SSE2 speed 1080

SSE4 fails, but I will likely be switching from flat mode, to mixed mode.

Just fixed GATHER, and I get 1580/s on SSE4 build on bull, with the existing 'flat' input buffers.  Not too bad.  The old GATHER was not working (only used right now in raw-sha256-ng-i if MMX_LOAD is not defined).  I fixed GATHER, and created GATHER_x2 for the double width buffers I am using in sha256crypt.


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