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Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 03:38:10 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: Current -fixes GPU formats vs TS

That script does not work well. For example, it considers this a
password from

"characters__17:mscash (user name required for salt in john's format):"

where the actual password is just "characters__17".

I think this is better for most files:
grep -v '^#!comment:' $1 | cut -d: -f5 | perl -ne 'use bytes; chomp;
print length, "\n"' | sort -n | uniq -c | sort -nk2

I think I'll update the script and add a sum column too.


On 2012-07-23 23:12, jfoug wrote:
> There is a script in the TS that can 'help'.  It is called
> Run it on the input file for the format in question, then add up all lines to the max password allowed.  That is the value that needs to be place into the TS data file for that format.
> NOTE, multi byte encoding (utf8) will cause that silly little script to not work right.  Also note, there may be 1 more 'zero' or negative lengths, than there should be. I need to fix the script to ignore the first line, if it is a comment, and does not contain the required field.
> Jim.
>> From: magnum []
>> These actually look like the formats had their max lengths increased, so
>> maybe we should just adjust the Test Suite? If so, please give me or Jim
>> a notice. I really do not have time to chase information from the source
>> code.

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