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Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 12:37:33 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: jumbo

On 04/14/2012 12:26 PM, magnum wrote:
> On 04/14/2012 01:48 AM, Solar Designer wrote:
>> I think it'd be nice to make a new jumbo release around May 15, which
>> means we should try to make it around May 7 (then postpone). ;-)
>> I simply won't be available for that sooner than that.
>> Meanwhile, can you please start compiling a change log - and start to
>> maintain it for any newly submitted patches?  I think it should be
>> somewhere in the git tree.  Maybe just doc/CHANGES-jumbo.
> OK. For now I just generated it from the commit descriptions.

I have hand edited doc/CHANGES-jumbo now, current version attached.
Everyone please update this file when adding formats or making other
significant changes. Also, if I missed something or attributed anything
to the wrong person, please correct.


The following major changes was made since Jumbo-5:

New formats:
* Password Safe files. (Dhiru Kholia)
* WPAPSK format for CUDA and OpenCL (Lukas Odzioba)
* Mac OS X Keychain cracker with OMP support. (Dhiru)
* Office 2007/2010 documents. (Dhiru)
* Add support for *new* EPiServer's default hashes. (Dhiru)
* mscash2-opencl format added (Sayantan Datta)
* mscash2-cuda (Lukas)
* xsha512 for CUDA and OpenCL (Myrice)
* Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey master passwords. (Dhiru)
* Integrate VNCcrack ( into JtR. JtR
can now crack RFB Protocol Version 3.8 authentication. (Dhiru)
* OpenCL cryptsha512 (Claudio André)
* CUDA formats: cryptmd5, cryptsha256/512, mscash, mscash2, phpass,
raw-sha224/256 (Lukas)
* OpenCL formats: cryptmd5, mysql-sha1, NT, phpass, raw-md5, raw-sha1,
ssha (Samuele, Lukas)
* Integrate SIPcrack 0.4 into JtR. (Dhiru)
* RACF password cracker patch for JtR. (Dhiru)
* Drupal7 (magnum)
* hmac-sha224/384/512 (magnum)
* hmac-sha1 and hmac-sha256 (magnum)
* Crypt-SHA2 formats (for CPU) (magnum)
* DragonFly BSD crypt-SHA2 formats (magnum)
* Added MD4 to dynamic. Added 5 new builtin types to dynamic using MD4. (JimF)

Other changes:
* Added a new rule _N, to reject a word unless it is length N. (JimF)
* bash-completion for JtR (to install: "sudo make bash-completion") (Frank
* New (hidden) options: --list= to be used by bash completion as well as GUI's
and other things. (magnum)
* -regenerate-lost-salts=N option, for cracking hashes where we do not have the
salt (JimF)
* Make incremental mode restore ETA figures (JimF)
* Use CommonCrypto instead of OpenSSL on OS X Lion (Dhiru)
* Enhancement of extern:double (JimF)
* Mscash and mscash2 formats prepare() fixes (JimF)
* LOTS of minor fixes for VC builds (JimF)
* Set OS_TIMER to 0 in arch.h if AMD APP SDK in installed and building OpenCL,
or if mingw is used to build 64-bit Windows build. (magnum)
* RAR format: Proper support for -p mode. OpenCL support added (in the same
one format). Added inline storing of RAR data in input file when files are
small enough. (magnum)
* New pre-built intrinsics for latest sse-intrinsics.c (magnum)
* sse-intrinsics.c: Take advantage of some SSE2 and SSSE3 intructions if
available (followup) (Solar)
* Use BSD version of tcphdr (patch by Erik). (Dhiru)
* Improved vncpcap2john. Works for RFB 3.7 and 3.8 protocol versions. Works
with TightVNC and RealVNC servers. 3.3 RFB support is TODO. (Dhiru)
* sse-intrinsics.c: XOP for MD5/MD4/SHA-1 (Solar)
* Add keepass2john utlity for processing input KeePass 2.x database files into
a format suitable for use with JtR. KeePass format is in works. (Dhiru)
* Fix for -subformat=list. The config file was not yet read so we could not get
info for user formats. (magnum)
* john-1.7.9-dynamic-unameonly-1.diff (JimF)
* rar2john: Handle Unicode file names. Less output unless -DDEBUG. (magnum)
* rar2john: fix failure for RAR files with comment present. (Dhiru)
* loader.c: Read gecos and homedir from pwdump-style input. (magnum)
* options.c: Sort formats list (magnum)
* CUDA support added (Lukas)
* Dynamic: Support null bytes in constants. (JimF)
* Keyboard external mode fix (from CVS) (solar)
* All hmac-SHA formats: fix for salt containing '#' and self-tests for keys
larger than pad size (n/a for sha-384/512 as of now due to lack of support from
John itself for lengths gt 125) (magnum)
* All hmac formats: Support key lengths >64 (magnum)
* IPB2: OMP & intrinsics support, over 3x speed (magnum)
* modified so it can handle any .S file (magnum)
* Replace the muting of "#!comment" lines when in memory buffer mode (magnum)
* Wordlist mode: Fix dupe suppression for non-buffered mode. Make the pot file
parsing mode aware of any custom field separator. (magnum)
* john-1.7.9-jumbo-5-opencl-5-macosx_10.7.diff (minus the c3_fmt stuff)
* Changed benchmark type to raw for all HMAC formats (magnum)
* Wordlist.c hack for reading candidates from a pot file: 1. if --wordlist
given without a name, use default pot file 2. if wordlist name (after 1) ends
in .pot, parse it as such (magnum)
* HDAA intrinsics, 3x original speed (magnum)
* md5-mmx.S: new interface needed for multi-limb (>55 bytes) crypts (for HDAA)
* Change MPI defaults to be more stable (no MPI_Barrier nor MPI_Abort) (magnum)
* Salted SHA-1: Support any salt size (magnum)
* Add salted sha-1 (of any length up to 16) and fix bugs in base64
encoding (magnum)
* Correct a bug in the "double10" external mode (magnum)
* Adds --max-run-time=N option, for graceful exit after N seconds of cracking.
* OpenCL support added (Lukas, Samuele)
* Jim's new SHA-1 intrinsics. Uses 16x4 buffer instead of 80x4. Improved "make
testpara32" to compare asm figures too. Updated SHA1_SSE_PARA for 16x4 code.
New pre-compiled intrinsics. (magnum)
* Make all sse2i targets use x86-sse.h. Add new test target
linux-x86-64-32-sse2asm. (magnum)
* loader.c: restore the defined-out block for DES bare hashes with whitespace
salt. (magnum)
* loader.c: fix for --user=<uid> when loading pwdump files (magnum)
* MSCHAPv2 salt() alignment (magnum)
* Drop x86-ssei.h in favor of x86-sse.h, add tests that disable intrinsics for
gcc older than 3.4.6 (the oldest we know work at all) and fallback to asm. This
means the sse2/sse2i targets now work similar to 64/64i for newer versions of
gcc, that is, sse2i just means "precompiled intrinsics". (magnum)
* IPB2: fix in binary(), it was reading twice the size of ciphertext and
probably overwriting something. (magnum)
* Deprecated raw-md5 thin (moved to unused) in favour of thick version (magnum)
* Bugfix in trip_fmt.c (from latest CVS version) (solar)
* HDAA: OMP support (magnum)
* renamed to and changed not to pad salt (magnum)
* ssh2john: Detect if private keyfile has no password (Dhiru)
* RawSHA1: Optimised set_key() for some 17% speedup. (magnum)
* hmac-MD5 optimisations. 32-bit set_key(). (magnum)
* make testpara target, for determining best SSE_PARA values (magnum)
* sapG: Added MMX/SSE/intrinsics. Decreased salt length to 36 (12 x UTF-8)
(changed self-test hash). (magnum)
* Fixed bug in unicode.c where specifically giving --enc=raw did not work as
expected (magnum)
* Added MMX/SSE/intrinsics to sapB as well as lots of optimisation. (magnum)
* john-1.7.9-fastrip-1.diff This patch speeds up DES-based tripcode cracking by
making use of JtR's bitslice DES implementation, including its OpenMP
parallelization. (solar)
* drop and (will be placed in the separate patch)
* Oracle11: Added intrinsics (magnum)
* mssql05 hash functions size 5 & 6 (magnum)
* MD5_std vs intrinsics / arch.h PARA fixes. Never disable SSE for MD5, revert
to 4x instead. (magnum)
* raw-md5u final fixes (all linux builds pass test suite) (magnum)
* Raw-MD5-unicode made thick again, using much faster code (2x dynamic) (magnum)
* Salted-sha1: performance tweaks (magnum)
* Dynamic md4 final fixes (JimF)
* Dynamic MD5_X2 md4 fixes (JimF)
* Bug fixes to lotus5 (OMP builds) and both mssql formats (MMX builds) (magnum)
* mysqlSHA1 32-bit set_key() for SSE2 (magnum)
* Simplification of differences between SSE2 and SSE2i code.  In nsldap, there
were problems with 32 bit SSE2. (JimF)
* Lotus5: Use the passed in format pointer, and avoid having to forward declare
the static global. Has added benefit of always appearing the same way in all
init() functions of all formats, no name differences. (JimF)
* Cygwin OMP builds were not building x86-sse.o properly, without this change.
* added to run/ directory. This has only been available in separate
patches (like the test suite creation scripts) until now, and that version was
not up to date. This is a gem for testing stuff. (magnum)
* XSHA: Added support for OMP and/or intrinsics (magnum)
* Reduced verbosity for normal test targets and added verbose ones (magnum)
* External filter now truncates at format's max length. Turn off wordlist
memory buffer if an external filter is used (a modification would trash the
buffer if a word got longer) (magnum)
* Correct truncation for NT formats. This time with no performance loss (magnum)
* Added copyright statement. (bartavelle)
* Changes Makefile test targets for Test Suite 1.10 (magnum)
* Update src/hmacMD5_fmt_plug.c (JimF)
* dynamic non contiguious number issues BE (JimF)
* Update src/dynamic_utils.c (JimF)

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