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Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 02:08:55 +0400
From: "Vasiliy V. Tekuchev" <>
Subject: Re: tzdata

08/07/14 01:15, Solar Designer wrote:
> Hi,
> I thought I'd quickly update our tzdata package today, but it turned out
> to be a bit trickier than I had time for.
> So I thought: rather than debug/update tzdata-base-0.tar.bz2, why don't
> we use upstream tzcode's Makefile to build this package, dropping our
> tzdata-base?  I briefly tried doing just that - spec file attached
I rebuild tzdata package with tz{code,data}2014h and try it on two VE 
(32 and 64 bit), seems to be work. Spec-file in attachment.
Found (probably) bug - command:
$ zdump -v <file>
not work - it hangs. But it hangs on current version of tzdata too, so I 
hope this is not critical bug.

Vasily Tekuchev.

# $Owl: Owl/packages/tzdata/tzdata.spec,v 1.5 2011/10/26 02:05:40 solar Exp $

Summary: Timezone data.
Name: tzdata
%define tzdata_version 2014h
%define tzcode_version 2014h
Version: %tzdata_version
Release: owl1
License: public domain
Group: System Environment/Base
# These are official upstream.
BuildRequires: /usr/sbin/zic
BuildRequires: hardlink
BuildRequires: sed >= 4.0.9
BuildArchitectures: noarch
BuildRoot: /override/%name-%version

This package contains data files with rules for various timezones around
the world.

%setup -c -T -n tzdata
tar xzf %SOURCE0 
tar xzf %SOURCE1


rm -rf %buildroot
%__make install DESTDIR=%buildroot TOPDIR=/usr TZDIR=%_datadir/zoneinfo
hardlink -vc %buildroot
cd %buildroot
mkdir -p $DOCDIR
cp $WD/Theory $DOCDIR
cp $WD/tz-link.htm $DOCDIR

%__make check_character_set check_white_space check_sorted check_tables

%doc %{_docdir}/tzdata-%tzdata_version/README
%doc %{_docdir}/tzdata-%tzdata_version/Theory
%doc %{_docdir}/tzdata-%tzdata_version/tz-link.htm
%exclude /usr/etc
%exclude /usr/lib
%exclude /usr/man
%exclude /usr/share/zoneinfo-leaps

* Wed Oct 22 2014 Vasily Tekychev <> 2014h-owl1
 - Updated to 2014m
 - Remove tzdata-base-0

* Wed Oct 26 2011 Solar Designer <> 2011m-owl1
- Updated to 2011m.

* Sat Oct 15 2011 Solar Designer <> 2011l-owl1
- Updated to 2011l.
- Run hardlink(1) on the target tree to save disk space.

* Sun Oct 09 2011 Solar Designer <> 2011k-owl1
- Initial packaging for Owl based on cut-down spec file and
tzdata-base-0.tar.bz2 from Fedora, with review of the tzdata package in
ALT Linux Sisyphus.

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