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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 12:20:17 +0400
From: Vasily Kulikov <>
Subject: segoon's weekly reports #8-13


I'm very sorry for quite many missed reports :-(  I forgot about them
just after the final exams.  Will try to make it not happen again.

This report is cumulative, it contains a sum of all accomplishments
during these weeks.

- Upgraded Owl kernel to RHEL6-based.
- Updated Owl kernel patch for the latest RHEL6-based OpenVZ stable
- Created Owl kernel config from OpenVZ's official one.
- Disabled EVENT_TRACING config option from the config because of a
  suspicious kernel oops when built under gcc 4.7.
- Moved minimal config option set from =m to =n to be bootable without
  initrd, both from SATA hard drive and ISO on VirtualBox and Samsung
  Q310 notebook.
- Patched userspace packages to be buildable with Linux 2.6.32 headers.
- Reached a bootable state from ISO and from installed system.
- Reached a successful 'make buildworld' state.
- Removed a.out library code.

- Backport ASCII-Armor from Linux 3.1 patch.
- Backort 32/64-bitness locking from Linux 3.1 patch.
- Patch vzctl to use the bitness locking.
- Inform/discuss with OpenVZ guys the bitness locking regarding merging
  the feature into OpenVZ's kernel/vzctl.


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