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Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 18:41:09 +0300
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Fwd: [Announce] New kernel release: RHEL5 testing 2.6.18 238.5.1 028stab085.2

Vasiliy - perhaps update us to this version before I proceed to make and
release new kernel builds?  Only one CHANGES-current entry will be OK
for both of your recent updates then (documented as update straight to
085.2, which is what it will be for our users).  Thanks!

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Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 18:31:13 +0300
From: Kir Kolyshkin <>
To: "" <>
Subject: [Announce] New kernel release: RHEL5 testing 2.6.18 238.5.1 028stab085.2

OpenVZ project has released an updated RHEL5 based
testing kernel. Read below for more information.

NOTE that this is a *testing* kernel, not recommended for production.

Since 028stab085.1:
* Fixed a bug in CFQ

* No new issues


Bug reporting
Use to report any bugs found.

Other sources of info on updates
See to view all the news
(including updates) online. There you can also find
RSS/Atom feed links.

    OpenVZ team
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