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Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2017 13:57:55 +0200
From: Mark Hatle <>
To: <>, Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: accepting new members to
 (linux-)distros lists

On 6/30/17 10:16 PM, Solar Designer wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 12:55:16PM -0700, Seth Arnold wrote:
>> On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 03:22:09PM +0200, Solar Designer wrote:
>>> No volunteers so far?  I know some of you are actually helping with
>>> these, but I'd prefer that you explicitly take responsibility for them.
>> I didn't volunteer for the things that I've already done on occasion.
>> Since I'm on the west coast of the united states and tend to sleep in and
>> work late (and spend entirely too much time in mutt already) I'm often the
>> first to spot new postings to the list if made during a few hour window.
>> In those hours I'll let people know their post made it through the list.
>> (This is common practice on the list since the anti-spam setup just
>> drops mails that lack [vs] or [vs-plain] in the Subject: line. Frequent
>> posters who aren't subscribed know to look for confirmation mails from
>> list readers to see if their posts made it through and re-send if they
>> don't get a reply.)
>> But this window really only works a few hours each day, a few days each
>> week. If I _sign up_ for this task, the other 160 hours each week would
>> get worse.
>> Communally shared tasks have felt fine to me so far. Yes they often fall
>> to you, but not always. And if you weren't always attached to your MUA,
>> perhaps it wouldn't always fall to you either. :)
> We can list multiple distros per task.  Or we can list Ubuntu, and that
> wouldn't mean only you - but rather that Ubuntu's team should handle it.
> Would that work for Ubuntu?

We (Wind River) can take a more active role in at least some of the
administrative tasks..  However, I can assure you we don't have the time or
ability to do it ourselves.

So the more then one 'actor' on an action would definitely be what I suggest.

Unfortunately I really don't have a good sense (based on the link to the tasks)
as to what would be appropriate to volunteer for.  I'm open to suggestions.


> With multiple distros listed, there will need to be some coordination
> between them - e.g., inform each other when transferring responsibility
> (such as before several people go on vacation), or separate duties by
> time of day.
> I agree that for something as simple as getting back to message senders
> this might not be worth the coordination.  So maybe one of the distros
> wanting to join now would take this task, which would also serve to show
> they care at least to read all messages promptly.  And the distros who
> have been on the list for a while take less trivial tasks.
> Regarding the anti-spam setup, it's not exactly as bad as you describe.
> Messages are not dropped - rather, they're rejected during the SMTP
> session, in response to DATA command end.  I hope that with most setups
> on the other end, this results in the sender (person) getting notified.
> What worries me is that for messages that are sent to us in plaintext,
> this means they might be exposed to someone watching network traffic
> even in cases when we don't yet accept and relay the message (because of
> it initially lacking this tag).  Yet getting encrypted spam (for a
> little while, before I made this setup) was no good.
> Alexander

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