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Date: Tue, 9 May 2017 08:21:41 +0000
From: "Agostino Sarubbo" <>
To: "" <>
Subject: lrzip: invalid memory read in lzo_decompress_buf (stream.c)

lrzip is a compression utility that excels at compressing large files.

The complete ASan output of the issue:

# lrzip -t $FILE
==3311==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: SEGV on unknown address 0x602000010000 (pc 0x7f75cabe8834 bp 0x62100002c11f sp 0x7f7085ab4d78 T5)
==3311==The signal is caused by a READ memory access.
    #0 0x7f75cabe8833 in lzo1x_decompress /tmp/portage/dev-libs/lzo-2.08/work/lzo-2.08/src/
    #1 0x54af2f in lzo_decompress_buf /tmp/portage/app-arch/lrzip-0.631/work/lrzip-0.631/stream.c:590:10
    #2 0x54af2f in ucompthread /tmp/portage/app-arch/lrzip-0.631/work/lrzip-0.631/stream.c:1525
    #3 0x7f75ca2944a3 in start_thread /tmp/portage/sys-libs/glibc-2.23-r3/work/glibc-2.23/nptl/pthread_create.c:333
    #4 0x7f75c95bf66c in clone /tmp/portage/sys-libs/glibc-2.23-r3/work/glibc-2.23/misc/../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/clone.S:109

AddressSanitizer can not provide additional info.
SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer: SEGV /tmp/portage/dev-libs/lzo-2.08/work/lzo-2.08/src/ in lzo1x_decompress
Thread T5 created by T0 here:
    #0 0x42d49d in pthread_create /tmp/portage/sys-devel/llvm-3.9.1-r1/work/llvm-3.9.1.src/projects/compiler-rt/lib/asan/
    #1 0x53e70f in create_pthread /tmp/portage/app-arch/lrzip-0.631/work/lrzip-0.631/stream.c:133:6
    #2 0x53e70f in fill_buffer /tmp/portage/app-arch/lrzip-0.631/work/lrzip-0.631/stream.c:1673
    #3 0x53e70f in read_stream /tmp/portage/app-arch/lrzip-0.631/work/lrzip-0.631/stream.c:1755
    #4 0x531075 in unzip_literal /tmp/portage/app-arch/lrzip-0.631/work/lrzip-0.631/runzip.c:162:16
    #5 0x531075 in runzip_chunk /tmp/portage/app-arch/lrzip-0.631/work/lrzip-0.631/runzip.c:320
    #6 0x531075 in runzip_fd /tmp/portage/app-arch/lrzip-0.631/work/lrzip-0.631/runzip.c:382
    #7 0x519b41 in decompress_file /tmp/portage/app-arch/lrzip-0.631/work/lrzip-0.631/lrzip.c:826:6
    #8 0x511074 in main /tmp/portage/app-arch/lrzip-0.631/work/lrzip-0.631/main.c:669:4
    #9 0x7f75c94f878f in __libc_start_main /tmp/portage/sys-libs/glibc-2.23-r3/work/glibc-2.23/csu/../csu/libc-start.c:289

Dunno wtf decompression type to use!
==3311==AddressSanitizer: while reporting a bug found another one. Ignoring.
Fatal error - exiting

Affected version:

Fixed version:

Commit fix:

This bug was discovered by Agostino Sarubbo of Gentoo.



2017-03-24: bug discovered and reported to upstream
2017-05-07: blog post about the issue
2017-05-08: CVE assigned

This bug was found with American Fuzzy Lop.


Agostino Sarubbo
Gentoo Linux Developer

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