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Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2017 20:43:45 -0800
From: Tim <>
Subject: Re: MITRE is adding data intake to its CVE ID process

> Once it's completely up and running, DWF should address these issues.
> Researchers and organizations can easily become CNAs under DWF, with
> assigned CVE blocks. For OSS, the process of getting a CVE (including
> pre-publication) should be much simpler than it has been, especially
> in recent years. It's not quite there yet, but Kurt and team have put
> a lot of effort into laying the groundwork for a much better solution
> than the ad-hoc "send an email and hope" process that we've become
> accustomed to.
> The old system was far from perfect, as is the interim MITRE web form
> - hopefully with the help of the community, DWF will be able to
> provide a better process for all involved. For OSS, DWF is the
> solution we need to be focused on, and helping it to evolve to suit
> the needs of everyone.

Thanks for the update on where that is going.  I'm cautiously hopeful
that this will be what open source folks need in the future.

> > - The most telling though is the entire CNA program, particularly when
> >   it allowed only commercial vendors.  If a vendor decides something
> >   isn't a problem, they can block or slow CVE assignment.  It's a
> >   corruption of service that ought to be for the public benefit.  (And
> >   yes, this does happen.)
> While I believe that DWF represents a substantial step forward for
> OSS, and getting CVEs to those that need them, when they need them; my
> feelings on CVEs for commercial software remain rather negative. I've
> stopped requesting CVEs for commercial software due to all of the
> issues - if I discover something where I believe a CVE is especially
> important, I direct the request through CERT/CC or another
> origination. But, this is getting off-topic.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is frustrated with this.  I too have
given up on putting my effort into getting CVEs for most things.  If
someone else gets it assigned in a timely manner and I happen to
notice, fine I'll put it in an advisory, but I'm no longer requesting
CVEs for vulns in commercial software.  (Were this resignation to be
widespread, it should be a huge red flag for MITRE.)

Corporate vendor vuln assignment does seem like this is a completely
different animal than open source assignment now, based on how MITRE
is (and has been) structuring things.  The fact that the two are
treated differently is a big source of my loss of faith in their
ability to run the program.


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