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Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 10:00:52 -0700
From: Vincent Danen <>
Subject: Re: wiki

* [2008-02-18 19:50:51 +0300] (GalaxyMaster) wrote:

>> Thanks, GalaxyMaster, for setting that up.  Docuwiki's syntax is a
>> little wierd but works well enough.  =)
>I'd like to point out that this weirdness is a result of DokuWiki's goal
>to provide Wiki owners with an almost plain-text on-disk version of the
>Wiki.  This on-disk version is still well structured and could be
>post-processed with a great number of text utils like docutils and

Ahhhh... that's kinda cool.

>> Feel free to start adding content.  I think the structure is ok enough
>> to start with, we'll see how it goes from there.  It's pretty
>> straight-forward and should be easy enough to add to (I just added a few
>Re: the structure.  It's worth to mention that DokuWiki (unlike many other
>wiki engines) provides an efficient way to add structure to the entire
>wiki.  There are namespaces and pages.  Imagine that a namespace is
>a directory and a page is a file.  This way you can create a well
>structured hierarchy of pages (much like you do with your files on your
>For instance, could
>provide a list of all vendors participating in the project and
> could be
>a page/namespace for Openwall as a vendor.

That could be useful down the road, definitely.

>Moreover, DokuWiki allows to limit access on per namespace basis.  For
>example, you can grant create/modify/delete permissions on
>/wiki/vendors/mandrake to Mandrake folks, while others would be
>disallowed to change anything there.  Indeed this is just to make you
>aware of such a feature of DokuWiki.

Errr... it's been Mandriva for a few years now... =)

But I like the ACLs there, that's definitely cool.

>Additionally, I would like to point out that we are running a bare
>installation of DokuWiki with a default (minimal) set of plugins.  There
>is tremendous number of syntax plugins for DokuWiki and if you need some
>additional functionality just notify me (I'll search for a suitable
>plugin, will install it, and will provide you with usage instructions).

Good to know.  I don't think we're lacking for anything (yet), but as
things grow, who knows?

Sounds like docuwiki was a good choice.  Now makes me wish I had looked
at it a little more closely before settling on mediawiki a few years
ago.  Oh well.

Vincent Danen @

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