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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 19:39:09 +0100
From: Luis Rocha <>
Subject: Re: Cracking Kerberos tickets obtained using Kerberoasting technique

Ok, if I download William Schroeder krb5_asrep_fmt_plug.c file into JtR
source directory and compile JtR,  I now have the krb5-asrep format.

$ ./john --list:formats | grep krb5
keyring, keystore, known_hosts, krb4, krb5, *krb5asrep*, krb5pa-sha1,
krb5-18, kwallet, lp, leet, lotus5, lotus85, LUKS, MD2, mdc2, MediaWiki,
krb5pa-md5, mssql, mssql05, mssql12, mysqlna, mysql-sha1, mysql, nethalflm,
krb5pa-md5-opencl, krb5pa-sha1-opencl, LM-opencl, mscash-opencl,

>From the hash line, I had to remove the :65498:. However doesn't seem to be
working correctly. The password is the one in the word file.

$ cat /tmp/word

$ ./john --format:krb5asrep /tmp/Kerberos --wordlist=/tmp/word
Using default input encoding: UTF-8
Loaded 1 password hash (krb5asrep, Kerberos 5 AS-REP etype 23 [MD4 HMAC-MD5
Will run 4 OpenMP threads
Press 'q' or Ctrl-C to abort, almost any other key for status
0g 0:00:00:00 DONE (2017-02-24 19:35) 0g/s 7.692p/s 7.692c/s 7.692C/s
Session completed

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