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Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 22:45:48 -0400
From: "Nick Travis" <>
Subject: Compile for Linux guest on S39x

Has anyone tried to compile john on a linux guest running on an IBM
z-series?  I can successfully compile with a make generic, but the results
from ./john --test are pretty poor(results below).  My mainframe experience
is extremely limited so I may be missing something, but I didn't see any
systems that would work other than generic.  I'm assuming generic is my only
option here b/c theres not much demand for running john on a mainframe.

[nick@...t41 run]$ ./john --test
Benchmarking: Traditional DES [64/64 BS]... DONE
Many salts:     84552 c/s real, 84552 c/s virtual
Only one salt:  78009 c/s real, 78009 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: BSDI DES (x725) [64/64 BS]... DONE
Many salts:     2843 c/s real, 2843 c/s virtual
Only one salt:  2818 c/s real, 2818 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: FreeBSD MD5 [32/64]... DONE
Raw:    687 c/s real, 687 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: OpenBSD Blowfish (x32) [32/64]... DONE
Raw:    56.0 c/s real, 56.0 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: Kerberos AFS DES [48/64 128K]... DONE
Short:  53527 c/s real, 53527 c/s virtual
Long:   103974 c/s real, 103974 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: NT LM DES [64/64 BS]... DONE
Raw:    909820 c/s real, 909820 c/s virtual


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