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Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 15:18:16 -0400
From: Brian Cuttler <>
Cc: Chris Knight <>
Subject: John, word list question

Hello John users,

I'm running John on a Solaris based system (but now have an ldap
backend for storing our user maps rather than NISPlus).

I looked at the docs and the faq (and thought the list might have
a web interface with a search) but I'm not seeing (probably overlooking
something obvious) how to... add my own words or create my own
dictionary for inclusion in processing.

We actually run john pretty simply, 
# run/john -session=session/session-file input-passwd-file

Which I believe runs against the wordlist and uses the available rules.
I had hoped to add a few site specific words/acronyms to the word list
but didn't see how, and was reluctant to simply add them to run/pwdlist.txt
(or anyplace else) as I wasn't certain what all the fields where (what does
the prefix number mean in the pwdlist.txt file ?).

						Thanks in advance,

   Brian R Cuttler       
   Computer Systems Support        (v) 518 486-1697
   Wadsworth Center                (f) 518 473-6384
   NYS Department of Health        Help Desk 518 473-0773

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