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Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 18:50:41 +0200
From: websiteaccess <>
Subject: JTR and os X macintel


 I have now a Macintel (Apple, Intel core 2 duo) with os X (10.4.8), 2 
gigas RAM.

 Some month ago Alex told to me to compile the unix source of JTR with 
the command:
 "make macosx-x86-mmx".

 After test (./john -test) return me: 
Many salts : 923827 c/s real, 925678 c/s virtual
Only one salt: 842176 c/s real, 840495 c/s virtual

 Now, I have compiled the same source with the command :
"make macosx-x86-sse2"
now test return me :

Benchmarking: Traditional DES [128/128 BS SSE2]... DONE
Many salts:     1841K c/s real, 1845K c/s virtual
Only one salt:  1532K c/s real, 1535K c/s virtual

Benchmarking: BSDI DES (x725) [128/128 BS SSE2]... DONE
Many salts:     60006 c/s real, 60006 c/s virtual
Only one salt:  58316 c/s real, 58316 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: FreeBSD MD5 [32/32]... DONE
Raw:    5943 c/s real, 5955 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: OpenBSD Blowfish (x32) [32/32]... DONE
Raw:    363 c/s real, 364 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: Kerberos AFS DES [48/64 4K MMX]... DONE
Short:  289177 c/s real, 289177 c/s virtual
Long:   772608 c/s real, 774156 c/s virtual

Benchmarking: NT LM DES [128/128 BS SSE2]... DONE
Raw:    8503K c/s real, 8520K c/s virtual

 As you can see, it's better.

 I'm really newbie into compilation or command.

Is there others commands for compiling JTR'source and get better 
performance ?
My mac has a "core duo", is JTR use 2 cores at the same time ?

 Thanks in advance for your reply.

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