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Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 16:11:50 +0300
From: Pietari Kivikangas <>
Subject: Re: encryption strength vs. the time it takes to find
 the same password with different key sizes

John wrote:
> I am trying to better understand this, so please bare with me. Lets say I
> have two hashes I want to crack. Each hash uses the same password.     If
> one encryption is with 32 bit. and the other is 64 bit.  would 
> cracking the
> 64 bit encryption actually take longer?
It depends on the method used for cracking the hash as well as on the 
hashing method itself.
With John the Ripper this would only depend on the time required for 
calling the hash function. It is virtually possible to make an 
unoptimized version of a 32-bit hash function which would be much slower 
than a 64-bit one.
Other methods which are not covered by John the Ripper, would require a 
small cryptographical research to be implemented and of course a 32-bit 
hash would be crackable in a timely manner. That's why nowadays 
cryptographic functions of such bit strength are not used.

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