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Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 18:37:26 +0200
From: Guillaume Arcas <>
Subject: Re: Lotus R6 Password Hash format

Selon Solar Designer <>:

> There's no official support, but the jumbo patch includes support for a
> couple of Lotus Notes/Domino password hash types.  I think that they're
> for R5 and R6, but I am not familiar with Lotus products.
> So just download and apply the jumbo patch for 1.7 or download a
> jumbo-patched build (see the contributed resources list on the JtR
> homepage) and try that.

I already did it and applied this patch against JtR :
--format=NAME              force ciphertext format NAME:\

with no success (and no, it surely & unfortunately doesn't mean that tested
passwords are strong).

> And don't forget to let the list know of your results.

I will.


Guillaume Arcas - []
"Je cherche un ailleurs, mais pas trop loin d'ici." (Sempé)

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