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Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 11:29:18 +0200
From: "Otheus (aka Timothy J. Shelling)" <>
Subject: Re: Parallalizing John the Ripper

> P.S. I just found two other John/MPI hacks, besides Ryan Lim's, on my
> hard drive - for a total of three.  One of those is from 2001, the other
> is from 2004 and in fact includes a reference to Ryan Lim's work - but
> it's different.  Yours is going to be at least the fourth...

I hate to be a pain, but I did not see either of these other patches in the
contrib section of the FTP server. It would probably be useful to me to have
a look at the other one from 2004.

My patch is running, and I *think* it's running correctly. The only problem
is that it's not portable MPI [long story, but MPI specifications do not
require that implementations distribute the arguments to the child nodes]. I
believe, however, it addresses Solar's "practicality" issues:
     o  Recovery: Each task runs with its own session; the whole thing can
be re-started in recovery mode
     o  Practical: It runs in any of the modes, not just incremental. It
simply relies on an filter to split the keyspace.
     o  Scalability:  using the external mode to split the keyspace has a
minor performance impact, but it seems to be very, very minor. I will do
some performance analysis on it.

Using this and a decent parallel machine, it should be possible to crack a
wordlist within minutes.

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