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Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 17:06:07 +0200
From: Guillaume Arcas <>
Subject: Re: JtR & NTLMv2 passwords

Selon Solar Designer <>:

> This question itself is confusing.
> My (limited) understanding is that NTLMv2 is a revision of the NTLM
> authentication protocol as described, for example, here:
> However, even when NTLMv2 is in use, the underlying password hashes
> that are stored on Windows systems are plain NTLM, not NTLMv2 (there's
> no such thing as an NTLMv2 password hash; instead, there are NTLMv2
> challenge responses).
> JtR supports LM and NTLM hashes (the latter with the contributed patch)
> that are stored on Windows systems.

Thanks, that exactly what I wanted to know/understand more clearly.


Guillaume Arcas - []
"Je cherche un ailleurs, mais pas trop loin d'ici." (Sempé)

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