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Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 08:35:33 +0000 (UTC)
From:  Phantom <>
Subject:  Re: feature request -nolog option

> Yes, this was already requested several times and it's on the wish list.
> I am just unsure what the proper syntax for the command-line option
> should be.  Maybe it should allow one to do more than just disable the
> log - say, also specify the log file name and/or what is to be logged.
> Alternatively, this could be a john.conf setting to keep the number of
> command-line options sane.

yeah like your ideas here ;)
However, having it as a conf option you would have to go and edit conf file 
everytime...having it as a commandline option, you could "just" add the switch
when writing the command..
But either way works for me, as long as it gets there ;)
Would be cool with option of what to log (outpur decrypted password also), and
filename etc, and I guess this speaks in favour of the conf way of doing it :)

> This is definitely not something I will do in 1.7.0.x, but it might be
> done in 1.8.

Ok..patience is a virtue...hehe

> You must be abusing the wordlist rule preprocessor.   Maybe John
> should detect such special cases - for example, when the number of
> preprocessed wordlist rules is over 1 million, log just one message
> stating that there are too many rules and then not log the rules
> themselves.

Me abuse poor old Johnny ...never! ;)
Just giving him a good exercise, that's all
But yeah, good idea.


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