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Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 19:45:55 +0200
From: "" <>
Subject: Challenge JTR !

Le Tue, 04 Apr 2006 18:18:17 +0100, Hari Sekhon a écrit:
> wow, your wordlist must be good, could you email it my way?!!
> I'm trying to crack at 5329 for FreeBSD MD5[32/32]. :-(
> I've also noticed that DES is very very weak and therefore very very 
> nice to crack!
> seriously though, I wouldn't mind a copy of your wordlist....
> perhaps jtr applies the hash generated from each word in the list 
> against all password hashs, therefore relatively increasing speed 
> when used against more passwords since it only needs to generate the 
> hash once, then compare it to several?

 I do a project, I would like crack maximum password in shortest time.
  I try to do the best wordlist (short as possible too) and create the 
best rules for JTR.

 actually, with a passlist of 770 encrypted passes, I can decrypt 250 
 I use only syntax:  ./john -w:mywordlist.txt -rules passlist.txt
 NO -> i:digits or i:all or i:alpha are allowed

 My wordlist have only 72408 words (only alpha, no digits).
 I decrypt 232 in 30 minutes, and 250 in 1h40 min (more rules are used 
for last
 decrypted passes, it take more time).

 If you want to try the challenge, send me a mail at
 I will reply you the passlist to decrypt (770 lines) , then post your 
speed here,
 then compare our speed.

 Websiteaccess :)

PS: sorry for my bad english

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