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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 18:33:55 -0800
From: Arias Hung <>
Subject: Re: Incremental Alpha Quagmire

On Sun, 29 Jan 2006, Solar Designer delivered in simple text monotype:

> :a
> :b
> :c
> ...
> :X
> :Y
> :Z
> > Perhaps an included sample of a fake 
> > john.pot would be quite useful in the docs section
> I disagree.  Just like the .rec files (on which I've added a FAQ entry
> recently), john.pot is not meant to be edited or otherwise processed
> manually.  I really do _not_ recommend that you do what I've explained
> above - other than to see that your proposed approach is no good. ;-)

While I certainly am not to dispute what you're saying here, my goal
is merely to create an appropriate 'mixed case' chr file as you suggested
that I do by use of a fabricated john.pot file.  With my case being
one of attempting to crack passwords where a combination of upper
and lower are enforced on the system, my suggestion of documentation
was made simply due to the lack of options one has as a 'novice' of john
to create chr files outside outside of what's provided. So in my case
I'm not sure what the point of recommending that I 'not' create my own
john.pot.  Again, I'm not approaching a blind password file where I don't
know the properties of password rules. 

Certainly documentation to this effect would help to educating one along
the way to a better understanding of this program.  

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