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Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 04:50:56 +0400
Subject: Using Hardwareaccelerators to speed up John

At first: Sorry Solar but I start from zero.
I can't know what you maybe forwarded or not.
So I'm sorry if something here (or maybe even everything) is already known.

I already talked (a littlebit *looks into the sky*) with Solar direclty.

Using OpenSSL could speed up John if a crypto-accelerator is present and
if the OpenSSL-Version supports these Cards.
I'm using OpenBSD wich supports such functions for about 2 years now (but
the official OpenSSL should provide it now also).

Offen you'll find just some realy lame Chips on VPN-Hardware but if you
don#t buy such a Cisco-Junk solution you could also get such a device here
(not sold yet):

This card could, depends to the algorithm, do e.g. up to 920Mbps of DES.
During OpenBSDs OpenSSL it is possible to include serval cards e.g. in one
Computer. This card is realy new but e.g. this card here is currently avaiable.

I thought about this idea because i've some Pentium2-Motherboards here.
If I would e.g. buy 5 Crypto-Cards they would work simultaniusly (like
SMP) on OpenBSD. The algorithm isn't the best Theo told me but it should

because these cards are cheap AND fast it would be logical to "abuse"
these cards to speed up john a littlebit.

OpenBSD supports a lot Crypto-Cards (not Just Soekris Boards but Soekris
provides OpenSource so they're a prefereable brand)

OpenBSD on e.g. a new Via Epia Motherboard would enable John to crack AES
with nearly 20Gbit/s because of the VIa "Pad-Lock"-Engine wich is also
fully supported by OpenBSD.

I'm just talking about OpenBSD because I don't use LINUX so I don't know
about the status there and also I don#t know about the support of these
cards. But because the last OpenSSL-Changes (supporting Such cards went
into the official OpenSSL-Version) this could be interesting even for

Kind regards,
Don't buy anything from YeongYang.
Their Computercases are expensiv, they WTX-powersuplies start burning and
their support refuse any RMA even there's still some warenty.

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