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Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 10:46:33 -0600
From: Stephen Cartwright <>
Subject: Re: trivial parallel processing (4 CPUs)

What I ended up doing is I got a huge dictionary (found every wordlist
I could and then stripped out all non-printible characters, converted
all uppercase to lowercase, sorted and uniqed to give about a 50 mb
wordlist) then I broke up the passwd file into four sections and just
ran 4 seperate instances of John (in four different directories) --
one on each section. I am using the default settings except for the
new wordlist.

Does this sound like optimal usage for my 4-cpu machine? Any
reccomendations? I can let this run for a long time and I have no need
to be stealthly, so my goal is only to break as many hashes as

One more thing... I have been getting some false posititves. Some
passwords have worked fine, but others that JTR found did not work.
Any idea why?

Thanks in advance!


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