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Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2015 22:49:47 -0400
From: Mathieu Laprise <>
Subject: Mathieu's weekly report #10

- Reupdate french translation
- Merge the latest translation, bugfixes and code-freeze the release v2.0
on github
- Implement : Ability to select/deselect individual hashes from being
handled in a cracking session and proper storage in QSettings. It'll not be
part of v2.0, it'll in our next release.
- Rebuild the Windows Installer with the latest changes. It was tested by
me and Shinnok on Windows 7 and 8.1.
- Build a .dmg for OS X on my Mavericks machine. It was tested by me on
Mavericks and Shinnok on Yosemite. This .dmg shouldn't work on old OS X
versions like Leopard, for old versions building from source is required.
- Update INSTALL notes (documentation)
- Update the openwall/johnny wiki with all information regarding the
release All binaries can be found
there too.

- As you can see, we are quite ready for a release and I wrote a draft
release announcement. We'll send this really soon to john-dev AND
- Implement search/filter inside the Passwords tab table view
- Follow-up the feedback that we'll get for our 2.0 release and plan
further development with Shinnok if we get new priorities based on the
feedback received from users.


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