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Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 23:58:26 -0800
From: Royce Williams <>
To: john-dev <>
Subject: "Failed copy data to gpu" when using fork with descrypt-opencl

When running this version of bleeding-jumbo:

commit 3d8c4ea17f918130e62108be91309883c7023541
Merge: 379881a 53cbf8b
Author: Dhiru Kholia <>
Date:   Thu Oct 9 20:28:03 2014 +0200

... I'm getting the following error when I try to use fork to get more
CPU cores participating in feeding my GPU:

/srv/crack/john-latest/run/john --format=descrypt-opencl --fork=2
Device 0: GeForce GTX 970
Build log:
ptxas info    : 0 bytes gmem
ptxas info    : Compiling entry function 'DES_bs_25_b' for 'sm_52'
ptxas info    : Function properties for DES_bs_25_b
ptxas         .     256 bytes stack frame, 0 bytes spill stores, 0
bytes spill loads
ptxas info    : Used 72 registers, 15876 bytes smem, 348 bytes cmem[0]
Local worksize (LWS) 64, Global worksize (GWS) 16384
Loaded 1 password hash (descrypt-opencl, traditional crypt(3) [DES OpenCL])
Node numbers 1-2 of 2 (fork)
(opencl_DES_bs_b_plug.c) at line (637) - (Failed Copy data to gpu)
OpenCL error (CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES) in file (opencl_DES_bs_b_plug.c) at
line (637) - (Failed Copy data to gpu)


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