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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 18:23:25 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: unable to crack previously cracked oracle hashes (unstable and bleeding)

On 2 Jun, 2013, at 13:55 , Frank Dittrich <> wrote:
> On 06/02/2013 01:29 PM, Frank Dittrich wrote:
>> So the problem is:
>> If the user name is already "included" in the hash, john identifies
>> these hashes as oracle hashes, but is unable to crack them.
>> John is also unable to correctly match hashes found in the pot file and
>> hashes to be loaded.
> It could just be an issue with the canonical files created during
> contest, apparently the user name should have been included in upper case!
> After a tr a-z A-Z, everything works as designed.
> May be valid() should reject hashes if the user name included in the
> hash contains lower case letters.

If I understood the problem correct, this is fixed in 176803e, by upper-casing in get_salt(). This is more robust, I see no reason to reject hashes.


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