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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 02:16:54 +0200
From: Lukas Odzioba <>
Subject: Lukas status report #12

-created small fix for wpapsk valid proposed by Alexander, (tested on
my pc, need to test on bull and create patch)
-recreated patch for raw-sha256-cuda format from old samples from my
hdd (2-3x speedup, tested and commited)
-did some optimizations of md5crypt-cuda (755->877k c/s on bull, I
would like to achieve 1M, hashcat - 1.1M, current code is not ready
for deployment)
-fixed phpass-opencl vectorized code (tested on my pc, need to test on
bull and create patch)
-filled midterm eval form
-because of upcoming contest I want to focus on optimization of the
following formats (in priority order):
-solve some problems with pwsafe-cuda format (Dhiru's second complaint)
-investigate wpapsk cuda problem (issue mailed to me by user).

Maybe something-ocl would be better name for formats than current
something-opencl, at least it is shorter:)

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