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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 02:58:22 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: committed patches

Committed to git since my last report:

e01533c CHANGES-jumbo don't repeat last names (magnum)
7f3c9f1 CHANGES-jumbo updates. Hard to keep terse, we could drop more 
af91d38 Use a different format name for raw-sha1-ng, due to max. pwlen 
15 (Frank Dittrich)
c71c1f0 Move MYSQL_fmt_plug.c to unused/, rename MYSQL_fast_fmt_plug.c 
to mysql_fmt_plug.c and change its label to just mysql (magnum)
78fd5c4 benchmark-unify: map "MYSQL" to "MySQL" and "NT v2" to "NT MD4" 
(Frank Dittrich)
b95ebc5 Fix a (clang) compiler warning in MYSQL_fast_fmt_plug.c (magnum)
07b6ea0 Some documentation fixes for dynamic formats (Frank Dittrich)
a196605 Add a second test vector to PHPS_fmt_plug.c (Solar)
33916ea Remove two unused variables from opencl_bf_std.c (magnum)

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