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Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 15:23:56 -0500
From: "JimF" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: 1.7.8.Jumbo-1

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Solar Designer" <>
> Here's what I am considering, right off the wiki:
> john-1.7.7-jumbo-6-jimfpatch-4.diff
> john-1.7.7-jumbo-6-zip-0.diff.gz
> I guess john-1.7.7-jumbo-6-jimfpatch-4.diff will need to be enhanced to
> include ZIP under the #if's as well, if I include that.  SSH_PDF_RAR
> will probably need to be changed to something like NON_HASHES, although
> -jumbo supports a few other non-hashes as well (TGTs, S/Key).

If it has the oSSL 1.0+ requirement, then yes.    The change is not so much 
keeping the 'non-hash' types out, it is the reliance on SSL that is newer 
than some older systems would have.  Same for the SHA256 stuff.

Hopefully over time, most of these systems will be brought up to date, and 
the #defines can be removed (and the .o's included in the make).


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